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Our company supports a portfolio of professional writers and authors. As we aim for higher grounds we are currently searching for the most skilled and the most innovative writers with the zeal to work with a highly trained team to in producing first-class content for our technology based blog.

Our core values are independence, creativity, teamwork, innovation, accountability and perfection. These values are boldly represented by our brand and quality of work.

What sorts of content do we seek?

We are highly dynamic and our required topics cut across a wide knowledge base. We are looking for expert writers on the following topics;

  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Apps
  • Software & Tools
  • Business
    • Sales
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Ecommerce
    • Digital Marketing
    • Finance
    • Business Tech
    • Workplace & Employee Management
  • IT
    • Big Data
    • IoT
  • Social
  • Design & Dev
  • Gadgets
  • Gaming
  • Security
  • Internet & Web
  • Computer & Hardware
  • Trends
  • Web Hosting
  • Mobile
  • Wearable Tech
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • 3D Printing
  • Blogging
  • Cars & Automobiles

Guidelines for guest posting

As a leading brand in this business we stress certain rules which have laid the foundation for our reputation and we would like you to adhere strictly to these guidelines


Content must be well researched and written with clear and concise grammar. Let your creative juices flow, keep it simple and engaging. Go beyond the horizon and produce quality facts structured in a most exceptional manner.


We have ZERO TOLERANCE FOR PLAGIARISM as this is highly unprofessional. We have a team that can sniff out these malpractices quite easily. There are a lot of copyright infringements all over the web and we would like to greatly cut down on these acts by assuring our clients of fresh concepts and new ideas from brilliant minds.


We operate with a set of in-house instructions which guide the structure and design for content. These instructions are NOT optional and must be followed in order to produce maximum results. Some of these instructions are;

  • Always submit articles in DOC
  • Ensure all articles are well coded to avoid mix-ups
  • Images, if any, must be in the instructed size and format
  • Titles must be creative and not too short
  • Ensure the article is atleast 700 words in length.
  • Always proofread before submission


All work must be well edited for grammar errors, spelling correction, and syntax. Idioms must be used correctly and avoid vagueness or ambiguity.


Digitaltippingpoint reserves the right to make changes and edits to submitted content. All articles are reserved for the personal use of the company and must not be distributed or showcased anywhere else by writers. This is not negotiable.

Do we reject Articles?

Yes we do! No offence, there are a few peculiar cases that lead to rejection and they are;

  • Content that is irrelevant to the topic assigned
  • Plagiarized content- articles lifted from other websites or authors without proper credit
  • Demeaning content that addresses controversial issues such as religion, gender, race, ethnicity and other extremely sensitive issues.

How to submit your guest post

Having understood our requirements and feel that you fit the profile, you can submit your guest post here info@digitaltippingpoint.com

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