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Why You Should Use A Cloud-Based Phone System In 2021


Like the years recently past, 2021 is expected to arrive with a lot of new tech innovations. Among them are widespread cloud-based phone systems. These may be mobile apps or even fully fledged desktop applications capable of changing how we communicate (especially in the workplace.)

If your company is still relying on dial tone and cable line  to handle calls, this is a good time to consider moving your contact center to the cloud

Cloud-based phone systems are not exclusive to companies with a well-to-do call center spanning an entire floor. Even the daily calls between people a few feet from each other will find benefit if done in the cloud.

Benefits of cloud-based phone systems

Let’s quickly look at the advantages of cloud-based phone systems. Please note that not all vendors will introduce these benefits with the lowest service tiers. However, they are inherent in the way the cloud works along with telephony systems there implemented.

Cost savings

To start with, the cloud way of handling calls implies you’re using the same internet resources you would otherwise have acquired anyway. This means you won’t have to buy new packages or install new infrastructure to get started.

In addition to that, the actual calls are essentially free (assuming of course that you’re riding on uncapped internet services.) The opposite is true for copper wire modes of making calls. Service providers love it when you call abroad for long sessions.

Remote call agents

With cloud-based phone systems, you won’t be limited to hiring call agents close to your control room. Outsourcing customer support services from as far as the Philippines will create some wage bill cuts that make eagle-eyed execs blush.

A cloud-based phone system, when applied with the intent of having a diverse agent pool, will also be a hit. 

  • Hiring from different time-zones makes sure you have an actual 24/7 call center
  • New languages introduced mean your customers get to express themselves better

The growth opportunities

Scalability is a big theme when it comes to cloud based applications. If all goes well, and you need to grow your business, the extra call agents you’d need to hire will not necessarily imply new infrastructure purchases. 

More Integrations

When you integrate your current CRM with a cloud-based phone system, you open it up to new features, functionality and possibilities. 

The cloud is easily compatible with most of the tools used by the best call centers and intra-call service providers. Some integrate with no code required. Imagine adding features that make available various workflows each time a caller is trying to reach your customer support center.

The joys of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has revolutionized the way contact centers deal with incoming phone calls. The cloud will enhance the use of natural language understanding (NLU) and natural language processing (NLP) with every call. 

All with very good outcomes. 

For one, NLU makes calls easier to direct from the moment a caller specifies why they’re calling. Speaking to the right person makes for better customer satisfaction in the long run. 

There are plenty of reasons to adopt IP phone systems. The few we’ve discussed should set you on the path to start 2021 with the right outlook for technologies that will make every call cheaper, and of a better quality overall. 

Are you going to try cloud based phone systems as you get into the new year? For all you know your competition could already be using cloud based (IP) phone systems

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