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Why & How Specific Landing Pages Contribute To PPC Success


Landing pages are hugely beneficial when it comes to leading your customers to a specific product, offer or service and encouraging them to make a purchase or take action. A well-designed landing page is your opportunity to create conversions and enhance your customer base. However, not everyone is creating them, as there are misconceptions that landing pages are difficult to create and maintain. Fortunately, this is not the case and building an effective landing page can be achieved whether you have an in-house team or using a Google Ads agency.

So, why and how can specific landing pages contribute to PPC success and what is the importance of testing or building landing pages for the festive season?

How Do Landing Pages Contribute To PPC Success? 

If you’re looking to drive more traffic to your website, build your brand and boost your SEO, then a landing page is highly recommended and works well as part of a PPC strategy. Leading customers to a specific product or service makes it easier for them to make a purchase. If they are looking for that item specifically, then this is brilliant for user experience, as it will take them directly to what they are looking for with ease. 

Another huge benefit of landing page optimisation is that it increases brand reputability. Valuable customer testimonials, awards and achievements are some of the most important elements that should be integrated into your landing page. They will help to convince your customers that they are using a leading, reliable company and will receive the customer service they deserve. In turn, this will also help to develop a higher credibility for your service, product or brand, thus enhancing your online reputation and gaining trust from your customers. 

What Does Your Landing Page Need For Success? 

Your landing page design may require tweaking to find out what works best for your specific audience. Therefore, you may need to constantly test your landing page to make improvements with your headline, imagery, offers and anything that can help to enhance conversions and make your PPC campaign a success. 

So, what does your specific landing page need for success? 

Images are a very important part of a specific landing page. If you are selling products, then you should include very detailed pictures that will highlight specific features of your products. Alternatively, if you have a service that you are selling, then you should include images that highlight the benefits and USPs of your specific service. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t have too many images, as this can get quite busy and it won’t captivate your customers, as there is too much to look at. 

When creating your specific landing page, think about what you are offering, if it’s a sale or a free trial and make it very clear for your customers to see. Include whether there is free shipping or a limited time offer and make sure that this is highlighted on your landing page. Call to actions should also be easy to identify quickly and easily, without the customer having to look around for them. USPs and CTAs should grab the attention of your customer and engage them enough to make a purchase or at least get in touch with you. 

Optimising Christmas Specific Landing Pages 

Christmas is a very busy time and a specific landing page is an essential part of any successful ecommerce marketing campaign. So, how do you optimise your Christmas specific landing page?

Your landing page needs to work across a whole range of different devices, but most importantly mobile, as this is where most customers will do their online christmas shopping. Make sure that the user interface is easy to follow and very clear. Layouts need to work across different screen sizes and have responsive designs so that the layout adjusts to the user’s device. This could be a missed opportunity if you don’t check whether resized elements have become hidden or too small. You can also add festive banners that create a sense of urgency for conversions and help to reduce bounce rate. 

Site speed is also a hugely important factor in gaining conversions all the time, but also during the festive period when customers are keen to make purchases. If the speed is too slow then you could see customers drop off before they even get to your site, reducing your sales and revenue. Use Google PageSpeed Insight to test your landing pages and ensure that any adjustments are made before any marketing activities are started. 

As you can see, specific landing pages contribute massively to PPC success. Make sure you carefully design your landing pages to engage and entice customers, as well as test on different devices, especially mobile. If you require additional assistance during the festive season to make sure that your specific landing pages are successful, speak to a digital marketing agency for advice. 

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