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Ways 3D Printing Is Changing Our World


3D printing is one of the most trending things in the world of technology. Individuals have utilized it to make all sorts of things for medical needs, education, work, art, entertainment, and much more. We’re gradually coming to grips with the possibility that 3D printed things could deliver innovation across several industries. This includes weaponry, space, education, and manufacturing.

The truth is that 3D printing is possibly one of the more favorable technologies that can change the world we are living. Here are some ways 3D printing could or would change the world.

  • Replacements Available Every Single Day

Maybe the largest influence of 3D printing to our current society will be making replacements always available. Instead of going to a shop to get replacements or order for replacement parts that would take weeks to arrive at your house, by the use of 3D printing, you could simply print the part you want immediately. Also, you could print out the precise number of parts you want, instead of buying in bulk.

There are a lot of 3D printing sites that provide sections with designs to replacement parts for everyday objects. All you need is to know what you want to print.

  • Construction of Houses Are Cheaper

Wherever you are, prices of homes are constantly increasing. Young individuals are trying actively to lower the carbon footprint as much as they could. This includes building of their houses. 3D printing could essentially help make construction friendly to the environment. Items could be recycled for future use, you could lower transportation costs, and there will be 0 waste.

In China, there’s a company that is now taking benefit of the technology to construct cheap houses with recycled resources. Every day, they could build 10 houses that costs $5000 each. The potential of this is good for countries that are still developing. Homes could be created quick and cheap to help lessen the housing calamity caused by overpopulation.

  • Prosthetics Become Cheap

3D printers are now used to make cheap prosthetics where they are most needed – in areas that are torn by war. CEO of research firm called Not Impossible Labs, Mark Ebeling, has built a hospital in Sudan that has a 3D printer. The 3D printer creates prosthetics that are more affordable than conventional ones. With any luck, the idea to make customizable and cheap prosthetics that everyone could afford would become common and help change lives.

  • You Could get Parts Even in Outer space

Going to space takes a lot of preparation and fuel and whenever something goes bad, there might be restricted spare parts or equipment available. Of course, transporting stuff into space is every expensive and astronauts might need to wait for the next flight to get the parts they want.

However, With the available 3D printing, they could simply print out tools, parts, or other materials they need during an emergency. NASA has reported that they would transport a 3D printer for test purposes to the ISS (International Space Station) to see if this option could be viable.

  • You Could Print Food Instead of Ordering

Today, several printers could be utilized to print out foods from chocolate and candies to a pizza. This would be put to a good use. For example, astronauts in space could print food that they do not get to have. A company named 3D systems currently has a printer that could print candles and chocolates in complex and enticing shapes. Natural Machines in another company that is marketing Foodini, a printer that could print out ravioli and pizzas.

  • Helps Reduce Plastic Waste

Today, the majority of plastic used are not biodegradable and presents a threat to our world. But, these plastics could essentially be recycled into threads that is utilized in 3D printing. The truth is that the Ekocycle Cube is a printer that would only accept recycled, special plastics. It was made by 3D Systems together with Coca-Cola and will.i.am.

  • We Could Enjoy Fine Art

Did you know? Most sculptures and artworks preserved by the Smithsonian Institute aren’t shown to the world. Around 2 percent of the 136 million projects are being shown to everyone since they are really important historically. They are also too delicate to be shown constantly to the public. Museums could provide scans of the pieces with 3D printing.

  • Reprint Instead of Waiting for Organs

We could also build real life aside from creating art. 3D printers could also be utilized to build organs and tissues. Still, the technology is in its beginning though. However, you should be able to see its potential by now. The technology could save thousands of lives. This would help cut down the long waiting time that people have to suffer for matching organs.

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