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Use WonderShare VidAir To Create Vibrant Videos Online


WonderShare VidAir is a fabulous tool online loaded with superb features. Many business owners and entrepreneurs trust it for easy video creation and I’ll tell you why! It is super-interactive with all the cool templates that make your videos excellent. VidAir has now become a magic video tool that lets you create stunning videos in no time.

Read on how you can use WonderShare VidAir to create absolutely amazing video content in no time.

All The Steps To Use WonderShare VidAir To Get The Best Videos

Step#1: Go to the home screen

Wondershare VidAir is incredibly easy to use, which is why many newbie video creators seek its help to make their work stand out from the others. The user interface is straightforward, and on top of that, you get all the tools required to complete an attention-grabbing video.

To get started, first visit its home page and click ‘try it free’ if you want to get familiar with its functions and working style. If you already are familiar with its interface, and want to start creating your business videos, click on ‘create’ on the top left side.

Step#2: Enter the template page

If you don’t know, Wondershare VidAir has thousands of well-designed templates that add finesse to all your videos. Here, you can choose any template that you find suitable for your project. The significant advantage of using VidAir is that you get a preview of the template that you select.

This preview allows you to check if your decision is correct or you want to go for another template that will be more suitable.

After watching the preview, you can select the image and text ratio. Preferably, the images’ ratio should be more than that of the texts because visuals speak more words than the words themselves. To make your video interactive and impactful, keep the ratio balanced.

Now that you have selected your preferred template and the type of ratio that you want, it’s time to proceed further towards the other sections.

Step#3: Create an Account or Login

If you are a VidAir user, you need to login to convert your thoughts into action. If you are a new user, you will have to create an account to access other VidAir features. To create an account, you need to fill the mandatory fields and set a password for future access.

You can also log in with your Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Apple account. It becomes much more comfortable and easier to login from the existing accounts on these four platforms.

As soon as you log in, you will come back to the creating and editing page. At the bottom, you will find a timeline where you can see all your clips and footage that have to be inserted in your business video. The timeline enables you to manage all your media in a hassle-free manner.

Step#4: Add media from the free stock

There is a free stock of media available on VidAir. If you have your media, you can upload the same on your timeline or use the media from VidAir’s free stock. Later, you can use these media in your video and make it lucrative.

By any chance, if you don’t like the file that you have chosen and added to your video, you also have the option to delete it and replace it with another file.

Step#5: Insert and edit the text

Text forms an integral part of any business video because it conveys the message about your sales and services. If the text is not clear, no customers will come to your eCommerce website. To edit the text on VidAir, all you have to do is select the text on the video and edit it on the timeline.

You can also use the swatch on the screen’s right side to change the font style, size, color, and background to match the template and make it pop out.

Step#6: Select the background music

What good is a video without any audio? To insert audio files in your video and make it stand out from others, you can click on the Audio icon on the left side to select one. You can also edit the music by using the editing options present on the timeline.

Step#7: Preview your video

Now that you have completed the editing and added the necessary files, it is time to preview your video before making it live. When you have reviewed your video, don’t forget to save your work by clicking on the save button present on the top right. Once saved, you can now export the file to your disk and make it live.

Thus, we recommend you to surely try out this amazing platform for once to know how outstanding all its services are!

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