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Top Tips to Reframe Your Content to Improve Your Customer Experience


When it comes to customer retention, rather than looking for new customers it’s crucial to retain the existing ones.

However, on the flip side of how content marketing is usually practised by a digital design agency, the customer journey doesn’t stop at purchase. In fact, it goes on for as long as they trust your business and you keep delivering.

This means it’s high time that you scrap the most common myth that the main purpose of content marketing is to find fresh leads.

Additionally, the customer-centric approach intended to maintain your brand relevancy and improve the customer lifecycle needs to be at the top of your agenda along with “growth” and “business profitability”. Simply put, your content marketing strategy needs to be in line with tech support, customer services, after-sales department, and customer satisfaction – after all, customer engagement can go a long way!

Before we take a look at how you can leverage content marketing to enhance both customer service and retention, let’s address the most important questions:

How Does Content Marketing and Customer Engagement Go Hand-in-Hand?

When it comes to driving more engagements and reinforcing your bond with your consumers all the way through their buying journey, only a targeted content marketing strategy – the one that actually mends the pain points and curates a roadmap to customer happiness – can do that trick!

Moreover, with the expense of customer acquisition increasing at a faster rate and digital marketing becoming more complex and expensive than before, it only makes sense to invest in customer engagement.

How to Invest in Customer Engagement?

An excellent way to do that would be to create a strategy that focuses on the sweet spot between content marketing and customer service.

However, when we say ‘content marketing’, it doesn’t mean mass mailings, ads, or email campaigns. It means you need to make sure your content in every message, that’s being shared with the customers, is created to engage with them and not to simply promote your product or service.

Tips to Reframe Your Copy/Content in Your Messaging

Now that you’ve got a gist of how content marketing can drive conversations, let’s take a look at how you can reframe your content to enhance customer service and retain the existing one. Who knows, you might even end up unleashing troops of brand advocates!

Tip #1 – Involve Your Customer Service & Support Team in Your Content Development Plan

Your after-sales department has a lot of information – probably more than you ever would – about what your customers are expecting from your brand and the benefits and features that would make them stay for a longer period of time.

Moreover, this is the team that receives a truckload of praises as well as complaints from customers, answers every type of query, and troubleshoots issues every day.

This is why it’s important to ensure that they’re a part of your entire content development process and that every real-world insight along with needle-moving customer data is being taken from them.

Tip #2 – Ensure Testimonials, Success Stories & Case Studies are a Part of Your Content Calendar

Nothing can resonate with your customer (especially the new ones) as much as captivating testimonials of your previous consumers suggesting how their similar issues – if not entirely identical – were quickly resolved.

With that being the case, you could create a list of customer reviews regarding your products on various review websites or third-party platforms.

On top of that, try to figure out what causes your product to tumble and leverage that to come up with content that’s focused more on your customers. You can even use incidences or other resolution reports as a background for creating content that’s targeted towards a wider audience base.

Tip #3 – Make Your Website Easy to Navigate & Add DIY Resources

Your client would want your customer care team to be available for each and every call. However, they’d also wish to solve certain queries on their own as and when that’s possible.

This means you need to ensure that your website design is not only appealing but also seamless to navigate. What’s more, it should not only include Help Centres, FAQ pages and chatbots, but also some compelling content focused on assisting the customers on how to leverage your product in a better and easier way.

Here, when we say “compelling”, it means creating high-quality content that offers non-theoretical solutions to real-world problems even before it’s put up by your customer.

Additionally, these days, in order to improve your customer engagement you have to think beyond creating kickass FAQ pages. For starters, you could curate ‘tips and tricks’ or ‘how-to’ blogs/articles that help the customers to garner more valuable insights.

Tip #4 – Curate Motive-Driven Content to Drive More Customers & Turn Them into Your Brand Advocates

Developing an online community that connects the customers with your products can help you improve your business relevancy.

Regardless of whether it’s a simple community of users on various platforms or an officially sanctioned one, you need to actively participate in all the discussions and go beyond lip-service issues.

You also need to ensure that the marketing team curates authentic, immersive and motive-driven content not only for your website but also for these online communities. Bear in mind, the more actively you participate in these communities, the better it’ll be for you to convert potential customers into brand advocates.

Finally, do not miss out on those fun quizzes, games and surveys, and make sure you’re rewarding your customers with captivating prizes, discounts, and gamified tokens.

Tip #5 – Have a Multimedia, Omnichannel Mindset

When it comes to having an omnichannel mindset, it’s no longer an option. In fact, it has become an absolute necessity since the business realm is fast-moving towards the digital world!

However, what’s more important is that your customers are already a part of the digital realm. This means they’re present everywhere, uncovering various products on different social media channels and constantly posting questions from their smartphones.

Your customers fully understand and devour newsletters, infographics and blogs posts; but they’re also looking for engaging webinars, podcasts and videos.

So, as a content marketer, it’s crucial to embrace this multimedia and omnichannel environment while also creating receptive web design and messaging.

Also, with millennials heavily relying on their personal device for anything and everything, the future of customer engagement seems to remain completely digital and therefore, your content cannot possibly be any different.


Conducting business is no longer a cakewalk!

In fact, by each day, it’s only getting difficult to grab new customers while extremely easy to lose the existing ones.

That said, it’s high time that your marketing team starts aligning the content strategy with the objectives of those from your customer support team since they’re the ones who truly understand customer retention.

Since this alignment has become an existential imperative rather than a strategic move, you also need to ensure that your content marketing team is always on top of it. However, if you need additional assistance to harness this alignment, you could outsource some of the small business SEO services to a professional agency.

Either way, you need to ensure that you’re not only offering practical solutions to your customers but also creating a clear pathway to business success!


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