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Top 5 Ways SSL Certificates Can Impact Your Website SEO


SSL certificates are powerful tools for enhancing the security of all kinds of business that have an online presence and can help in boosting trust and confidence among your customers. These small data files that are installed on your web server allow for secure connection between your web server and browser.

In 2014, Google announced that websites with HTTPS would receive a boost in their SEO rankings and since then online companies have started using SSL certificates to boost user experience and improve their website traffic. As a result, today many brands have started giving more importance to HTTPS sites to gain improved brand visibility and boost their SEO rankings. There are SSL certificates from SSL2BUY which offers a wide range of options at affordable prices. 

Why Should I Opt For SSL Certificates?

Installing SSL certificates on your website can be useful in providing a safe and secure navigation experience by reducing bounce rates and improving click through rates for your visitors. Especially if your website is targeting high competition keywords, it makes sense to have SSL certification to give a small boost to your website search engine rankings. 

SSL certification is economical and easy to implement and is one of the key ranking factors considered by Google algorithm. A study conducted by ahrefs-SEO tool analysed over 10,000 domains to understand how they used HTTPS to boost their SERP rankings. It was found that less than 1 in 10 sites used HTTPS and over 60% of the websites were not using HTTPS. 

In this age of data privacy, security is of paramount importance to website owners and lack of proper security measures can result in data breach leading to misuse of information by hackers. At the same time, customers are now becoming increasingly aware regarding the security of their information and feel more comfortable dealing with sites using HTTPS as they are more reliable and trustworthy. Website owners need to build a strong online presence by installing SSL certificates for improving the security and legitimacy of their business. 

How SSL Certificates Can Make A Difference To Your SEO Efforts?

. Positive Impact On Bounce rates 

Website owners who haven’t installed SSL certificates can find warning signs displayed on their address bar which makes their site insecure and they lack protection against external threats. If you own an e-commerce site which needs to capture payment details of your customers, they are unlikely to trust your site and leave your website. High bounce rates can have an impact on your SEO as it indicates to the search engines that your website is unable to provide valuable and relevant information to the users. 

As a result, your customers are likely to go to your competitors with low bounce rates where users may be able to find useful and high-quality content. On the contrary, SSL certified sites tend to have greater preference among website visitors as they are confident about the protection and security of personal information on such sites. 

. Boosts Visibility With Improved Search Engine Rankings

Websites secured using SSL certificates are encrypted and protect sensitive information related to your business and users. However, sites with powerful backlinks that belong to similar niche may have an edge over SSL certified sites. This means that your website needs to fulfil all other search engine ranking factors in addition to having an SSL certificate to reach the top of the SERP. 

Online companies who may have already implemented SEO strategies and lack SSL certification must consider switching over to HTTPS to attract their targeted audience. 

. Enhances Security And Protects Data

SSL certification allows for authorization and enables secure transactions with permitting confidential information to be preserved by establishing a secure connection from the web browser to the server. The secure socket layer (SSL)provides safe and secure transmission of data with an additional layer of protection at the time of data transfer. Google has also confirmed a small boost in ranking of sites that use SSL and when traffic passes through HTTPS site, the referral information is preserved unlike HTTP,where it is taken away. 

. HTTPS Can Be A Strong Ranking Signal 

It’s becoming increasingly important to have an SSL certificate for SEO purposes than ever before. Search engines reward sites which have HTTPS and penalize sites that do not have SSL certification, which can have a considerable impact on your website rankings. HTTPS websites are able to get higher traffic compared to those that do not follow some of these best practises. Plus, sites that are more secure can help to enhance the user experience and instil greater trust and confidence among your customers. 

Google encourages all the website owners to use HTTPS and uses SSL certification as a ranking factor even though it may have low priority when compared to high quality content. Backlinko analysed over 1 million Google search results and found that SSL certification has a moderate correlation with increase in rankings. However, the importance of SSL is likely to increase considerably in the future. 


. Increases Customer Trust And Confidence

A trusted domain is more likely to leave a lasting impression on the minds of your website visitors which allows reputed sites to link back to your website which can help in driving valuable traffic with higher search engine rankings and increasing conversion rates. Securing your customer data and safeguarding your users’ privacy shows that you care about them and helps to increase your brand loyalty among customers. Websites with a strong online presence have greater credibility among their visitors and can be a great way to create brand awareness for your products. 


SSL certification helps in building authority for your websites along with providing protection to your data and enhancing its security. Website owners need to realize the vast benefits of installing SSL certificates and incorporate the best SEO practices to get incredible results in their marketing efforts. 

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