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Top 5 Tips On How To Retain Clients This Year


Retaining clients during an unprecedented time such as the Covid-19 is a challenge, regardless of how long you have been operating. With many struggling to make ends meet and others having to rely on furlough schemes it may seem impossible at first to retain a majority of your clientele as every business is suffering. To help you stay afloat during this time, we are providing you with 5 top tips for ways that you can retain your customer base. 

Make Your Content Personal 

One of the easiest ways to keep people interested in your business is to make the content as personal as possible. Though it will need to be optimised to ensure Google ranking, it is important to tailor the content to your chosen target audience. By tailoring it to your audience and adding a personal touch, you can then begin to draw in the audience and provide them with the information that they want in a new and exciting way. This brand-new content can either be generated in house or with the help of one of the best digital marketing agency London can offer to make your content stand out against your competitors. 

Personalised Email Marketing 

In addition to making the content personal, it is crucial to tailor your email marketing. By adding personalised subject lines and images you are more likely to see your emails being opened in inboxes. This is what you need as a business as this will help you to reach new customers. In addition to this, personalised email marketing can also help with remarketing efforts. This can boost the visibility of your brand and help with customer retention as well as customer acquisition. Though this can take time, this is a long-term investment that can be reused. 

Offer Discounts 

Another way that you can retain clients in 2020 is offering discounts. This can help to entice customers back and even bring on new customers if you are struggling financially. This is used by retch companies as well as those looking to remove stock from stock rooms and is a great way to get the brand out there. With a majority of people keeping items in baskets or on wish lists, companies are having to do more for shoppers or clients to convert. Therefore, adding discounts can help to entice conversions and boost the visibility of your brand throughout the time your sale is running.  

Take Advantage Of Social Media 

Social media is another way that a business can retain clients as it is an informal way of communicating with younger target audiences. Though this may network for companies with older target audiences, this is an effective way of keeping up with your audience as well as replying quickly to any customer service concerns. Additionally, paid social can also help your business to remarket and reach new audiences. 

Reply To Customers 

The final way is to respond to your customers. Whether this is over the phone, on social media or by email, it is important to be prompt with your answers. This will help to boost the likelihood of customer loyalty as you are showing that they are valued by your company. This is particularly important in the early stages of a business’s growth as this level of trust will be carried through as the business grows. 

As a result of following each of these tips, you will likely see customer and client retention improve and may even witness more customer acquisition as a result. How will your business focus on retaining your clients during this unprecedented time?

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