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Top 4 Benefits of Cross-Platform Mobile App Development


The mobile app development market is witnessing a surge and keeps attracting huge investments. Looking at this trend, many businesses and individual app developers are focusing more on building their mobile apps. But at the same time, mobile app development is a complex, time-consuming, and expensive task. Moreover, to target a wider audience, developers eye on launching their apps on multiple platforms, which is often costly and time-consuming. For instance, native app development involves apps to be written in platform-specific languages. Separate codebases need to be written for the same native app to be launched on multiple platforms, which takes more time and money.

Cross-platform mobile app development is the best option for all developers looking forward to reaching a wider audience through multiple platforms. These tools are a more viable alternative to native app development and other such mobile app development practices. They allow developers to develop a single app that will work for all platforms, thereby cutting costs and development time to a larger extent. This post will help in learning more about cross-platform mobile app development and some benefits it offers. 

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Cross-platform mobile app development is getting wide acceptance among the app developers as it saves a lot of working hours and money. It is considered that native app development offers the best features by using the device’s native features. Simultaneously, it is expensive to develop native apps as they are written in a platform-specific language and thus run on that platform itself. Therefore for multiple platforms, separate apps are needed to be built. On the other hand, hybrid apps are considered a cheaper option as the same codebase can be run on various platforms. But a major drawback of hybrid apps is that they often offer very limited functionalities and are not good at performance and user experience.

Thus the best option for developers appears to be cross-platform mobile app development. There are many cross-platform mobile app development tools available in the market to build your dream app. Let’s move forward to discussing some benefits of this platform that makes it the best alternative to other mobile app development practices.

Benefits Of Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

#1 Saves Development Time

Cross-platform mobile app development allows developers to use the same codebase for multiple platforms. The developers need to write a program for the app; it can be personalized and used on different platforms as per the choice. Code reusability, the best perk of this platform, helps developers save a considerable amount of time. It eliminates the need to write new code from the very beginning for separate platforms and saves a lot of working hours for the development team. Moreover, the team or developer can use the saved time to focus on the business’s more important operations or maybe focus on a new app development project.

#2 Reduces Development Cost

Cross-platform mobile app development, as discussed, saves a lot of development time, which ends up saving a lot of working hours for developers. Most businesses hire external software developers to meet their requirements, and this team is paid mostly based on working hours. Thus the lesser the working hours, the more money can be saved by the businesses. Even when in-house development teams are developing a certain app for multiple platforms, if the working hours are reduced, they can focus these hours on building other apps or other business activities. Thus by using this platform, development costs can be reduced to a great length.

#3 Reaching a Wider Audience In Less Time

Cross-platform mobile app development enables you to launch the same app on various platforms simultaneously. Thus allowing you to reach a wider audience in very less time. Usually, those who have a lower budget but want to get a wider audience can’t afford native app development for multiple platforms. On the other hand, hybrid apps provide wide audience outreach at a low price but at the expense of performance and user experience. Therefore, those who don’t want to compromise the user experience and performance don’t go for hybrid apps. Thus the best option for such developers looking forward to building native-like apps for multiple platforms at a lower price is cross-platform mobile app development.

Also, as the same app can be launched on various platforms in less time, the development time reduces, and thus the app can be found sooner in the market. Consequently, by an early entry in the market, you can stay ahead of the competition.

#4 Consistency 

When switching to a phone with a different OS, most users face difficulties with the app they have been using. This problem arises because there are several apps whose format, structure, user experience, etc. differs based on the platform or OS they are built for. Thus when a user switches OS or platforms, he faces difficulty at the start in adjusting to the app and adapting to its user interface. But cross-platform mobile app development solves this problem and helps maintain the app’s consistency throughout multiple platforms. As the same codebase is used for various platforms, the app feels the same to the users irrespective of the platform.

Summing up

With the increasing competition in the mobile app market, there is a race for building the best and successful app among businesses and individual app developers. Creating a successful and unique app costs high, but various options can help make a great app at a lower price. One such option is cross-platform mobile app development; this practice saves a lot of development time, cost, and human resources. Moreover, these apps allow wider audience outreach at less price. They offer great uniformity among multiple platforms, making it easy for users to adopt these apps irrespective of the platform. Therefore those looking for building an app in a lower budget but aiming for a wider audience should choose cross-platform mobile app development.

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