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The Unlock Tool Every iOS User Need: AnyUnlock


Looking for assistance with your locked iPhone or iPad? Or are you are looking for a solution to save your valuable data stored on your iCloud account since you can’t remember the password to your account? Keeping in mind all these common problems faced by iOS users, we are here with a perfect solution that is AnyUnlock

In this article, we are going to take a look at all the fantastic features that are offered by AnyUnlock making it a perfect choice for iPhone, iPod, and iPad users. 


AnyUnlock is a credible software that provides you the option of completely unlock your iOS device be it an iPhone, iPad, or iPod with ease. You can basically get through the Apple ID, the screen time passcode, restrictions passcode, or your iTunes passcode in case you are unable to recover your password. AnyUnlock offers you a blazing fast unlocking speed and a simple unlocking process making it really useful for users that are technically not that sound. Reliable and advanced technology makes this software a go-to solution for all the users. 

Highlights of AnyUnlock

1. Set Your iPhone Free By Removing The Apple ID

Every iOS user knows how important Apple ID is since you need it to download any application on your device or access the iTunes store. If you do not have the password to your Apple ID or you are using an old device that already has someone else’s Apple ID logged in, you might not be able to use your device fully. 

 With AnyUnlock, you have the power to remove that old Apple ID and lift all the restrictions giving you complete control over your iOS device as you log in with your Apple ID restore its passcode. 

2. Resolve Multiple Locked Screen Issues

Multiple failed attempts at log in, the screen /Face ID/Touch ID of your iPhone is not working properly, or you have a used iPhone that is locked and you are looking for a way to unlock your phone, then AnyUnlock is there to the rescue. No matter the type of screen security you are using, you now have the power to unlock your device with AnyUnlock giving you complete access. 

3. Bypassing Restrictions/Screen Time Passcode

If you are looking for a way through which you can bypass the screen time passcode and the restrictions passcode of so that you can reset your device completely, there is AnyUnlock to help you with that, giving you the option to recover your restrictions code so that you can save your data or doing the hard reset of your device in a hassle-free manner. 

4. Decrypting iTunes Password

In this technical world, everyone knows how important and sensitive your saved data can be, and it can cause you severe loss in case all this data gets erased or lost. Moreover, if you are unable to access your backup files as you can not remember the password then you can use AnyUnlock to recover all of your encrypted data without doing any damage to your precious files or that data that is stored in them. 

5. AnyUnlock Password Manager

It can be really difficult for some of us to remember all the different passcodes for your Wifi, different email accounts, and several other apps. AnyUnlock also provides you with a solution to this problem as well, you can save all these passwords in a safe and secure manner. Since all this data is saved offline, you get complete protection from different cyber threats while ensuring that all your data never gets uploaded over the internet. 

User Manual

In this section, we will learn how we can unlock screen time passcode with the help of AnyUnlock in 3 simple steps. 

Step 1:

We start by launching AnyUnlock on your PC and choosing the Unlock Screen Passcode option there. Thereafter you can begin the unlocking process. 

Step 2:

With the help of a USB cable you can connect your device with your PC and click on the Start button that is there on the screen while choosing the model of your device so that the setup can download the software package accordingly. 

Step 3: 

Finally, once the firmware package is downloaded, you can click on the Unlock button and begin the unlock process and wait till it finishes. 

Parting Words

AnyUnlock with its experienced customer support, amazing and useful features, longest money-back guarantee, and a fast unlocking process is a perfect solution to your different locked iPhone issues. Additionally, this software is only intended for personal use, it is completely illegal for you to use it commercially or for illegal purposes.

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