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The Famous Love Affair Between Las Vegas And Slots


When gambling was first made legal in Las Vegas, under strict terms and regulations, very few could have predicted just how popular the city would become for its prolific gambling scene. In 1941, the El Rancho Vegas resort opened on a section of the US route 91, which was just outside of the city’s jurisdiction, beginning what is now the Las Vegas Slots empire. Other hotel-come-casinos soon followed suit, and that section of the highway then became what we now know today as “The Strip”. Most were built in the image of regional or Old Wild West themes that were the most popular at the time. Seeing how fast the market was growing, and presumably with dollar signs in his eyes, known mobster Bugsy Siegel went on to open The Flamingo – a swanky resort that only allowed the most fabulous to enter. The casino offered rooms to stay in and live entertainment in their plush lounges, with dozens of celebrities flooding to be seen there. 

In 1966 Howard Hughes checked into the penthouse suite at the Desert Inn and basically never left – choosing to buy the entire hotel rather than pack up his stuff and accept eviction. He also went on to buy other hotels, worth over $300 million, aiding in ushering in an era in which the mob’s interests were being displaced by corporate firms. Then, in 1989 the long-time casino developer Steve Wynn opened up the Mirage which was to become the city’s first mega-resort. Over the following two decades, The Strip was to be transformed once again with old casinos being torn down in order to make room for huge complexes that were carved out in the aesthetic of global landmarks from ancient Rome and Egypt, Paris, Venice and New York, along with many other glamorous escapes. 

One of the most globally recognised gambling venues is Las Vegas’ irreverent Caesars Palace. Originally a standard hotel and casino going by the name “Las Vegas Forever”, in 1966 commercial property developer Jay Sarno stepped in and gave the place a massive revamp, making it the themed resort that can be seen today. Borrowing many artistic design elements from the Roman Empire, Sarno just kept adding to the venue until the structure simply couldn’t take any more. In the first 50 years of being known as “Caesars Palace”, the building was adapted from an opulent 14-story hotel with a 700-room capacity to almost its own city with six tower blocks, 4,000 rooms and a 636,000-square-foot shopping mall, along with the huge gambling scene. 

Today there are over 250 casinos to choose from across Las Vegas, and 15 out of the 25 largest hotels in the world, when it comes to the amount of rooms they can hold, located in the bright lights of the city. Las Vegas is recognised as the heart of all things casino, especially when it comes to live table games such as Blackjack and Roulette – a perfect excuse to put on your Sunday best and have a night filled with luxury. Many online games also try to emulate the vibe of Vegas nightlife, offering exciting bonuses and multipliers that will definitely get your heart racing, offering players their own little slice of Las Vegas fun!

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