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The Best Prototyping Tool for PM and Designers


As a UI/UX designer, it is paramount to understand the best prototyping tools 2020 to use to get great results. There are various design prototyping tools tools you can use, but the experience and results you get differ depending on the tool used. Wondershare Mockitt has become the most preferred by designers due its many features and user friendliness. The platform runs on your internet browser and helps you develop design mockups fast without writing codes. Besides, you can share the mockup with team members to get feedback for further improvement. To help you gain more understanding, here is a well detailed Wondershare Mockitt review.

As one of the best free prototyping tools, Wondershare Mockitt enables programmers and designers work together productively. It allows you to work at the top most level because it allows for better communication and planning from the start to the end of the design project. With the tool, you do not only create appealing prototypes, but enjoy working in an environment where you can work well with your team. Besides prototyping and designing, Wondershare Mockitt also helps in wireframing within a few minutes. If you are working with interactive and simple prototypes, it is a perfect platform to use for wireframing. 

How to Use Wondershare Mockitt 

Before you begin to use prototyping tools you need to understand how they can help you. Wondershare Mockitt works perfectly whether you are a beginner or an experienced designer. So how does it work?

1. Importing Images And Library 

With Wondershare Mockitt you can import images. These images help add a brand into your mockup design. With the images, your design looks appealing to the end users. You can import these images fast regardless of the device you are using. In addition, in case you have customised libraries developed for your mockups, you can import them on the platform. Unlike most other free prototyping tools, Wondershare Mockitt also supports all your existing files and prototypes fast.

2. Build Your Prototype With Interactions 

Wondershare Mockitt stands out from the other best free prototyping tools because it makes it easy to create interactions among established links and designs by dragging and then dropping the components. 

The tool helps build highly interactive mobile app wireframes within a few minutes. You can create any type of prototype for iOS and other devices through a simple drag and drop process. It helps wireframe your prototype to mimic a real interactive experience. You can apply the black and white full screen demonstration mode for highlighting your proposal. Wondershare Mockitt has seventeen different screen transition effects, nine gestures and custom micro animation that allow you do prototyping without coding. 

As an open source prototyping tool Wondershare Mockitt has a dashboard that allows you resize your prototypes to your desired format. You can rearrange the user interface with a few clicks, apply keyboard shortcuts and attain the layout you want. 

3. Allow For Collaboration

In most cases when prototyping, you work with other designers. This means that any change made by one of the team members must be given to all the others. Wondershare Mockitt offers a strong communication channel you can work together and communicate with other team members. This means it helps keep all team members working on the prototype on the same page. The tool allows you to work more creatively, leading to high quality results. 

4. Manage Team Members (add, Remove Members According To Your Needs)

Wondershare Mockitt allows designers to assign tasks to other people and give comments regarding the progress of the prototyping project. In case you want to add more members to your prototyping project, you can do so on the platform. 

5. On the Cloud And Store Anytime

With the Wondershare Mockitt cloud, you can safely store all your prototypes, messages and files. This means that when you make changes, they are all autosaved and you can access them wherever you are. You share your prototypes to anyone by just using a sharing link. You can do this by clicking the share button in the dashboard.

6. Customizable Visibility 

With this online prototyping tool, you can share a single file or prototype with several stakeholders using simple URLs or by simply customising your project visibility settings. 

How to register Wondershare Mockitt

You can register the software by selecting one of the three packages. You can opt for:

Free plan 

This package is for those who want to experience the software. With it you can create three projects with twenty screens each and design assets up to 100MB. As a beginner, you can also opt for the free package then advance to the higher level packages. 


The package starts at $ 69 per year. This plan is best fit if you are an individual web developer working alone. You can create unlimited projects and access up to five hundred screens. 


The enterprise package starts at $ 99 per year. It is perfect if you work as a team. With it, you enjoy creating unlimited projects and access to three thousand screens per account. It is available for more than one user. If you are working as a team, you can buy the package for several seats. Some of the benefits you get with this package include ability to add several people on board, comment on mockups and use of the premium Wondershare Mockitt templates. 

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