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Start-Up Businesses Need To Be Smart: Why You Should Outsource Your Technical Support


In the start-up phase of any company, as your business starts to grow, you’ll need to take into consideration the capabilities of your IT network. Are you up to the task of managing a network system and everything that goes into it? When start-up businesses start to scale, it’s the ideal time to outsource your IT support to an experienced tech support team. This can include such services as consultancy about software and network infrastructures as well as the best IT security for your network system. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should outsource your IT services:

1. Reduce labor

Having employees on your team who are fully qualified in IT skills sounds like a good idea. But what if you’re not using the skills of these employees on a daily basis? Instead of hiring a full IT team, outsourcing technical issues to experienced and certified professionals when problems occur lets you cut back on the number of employees you hire.

Lower labor costs

Having fewer employees lets you lower the labor costs associated with hiring staff, including insurance and training costs. When you outsource to an experienced IT team, they become responsible for the labor costs linked to technical services. 

2. Outsourcing gives you access to trained professionals

When you outsource your computer and network services you have access to experienced, qualified professionals without having to hire them as full or even part-time employees. You’ll be able to take advantage of their skills when you need them.

Benefit from innovative technology

Technology is always advancing and improving, but when you outsource your IT, you don’t have to stay on top of the latest tech information. Your outsourced team will do that for you. IT professionals are constantly training and updating their certifications and qualifications. This means you benefit from new IT opportunities that can grow your business even more.

Support and training of new technology

One of the challenges of implementing and utilizing new software and technology is learning how to use it. IT service providers can provide you with support both during and after the installation of new technology.

3. Focus on other areas of your business

Outsourcing lets you utilize your resources and skills elsewhere, where it can benefit your business the most. When you know your computers and network systems are running smoothly and efficiently, you can focus your energies on growing your business. The IT support team you’ve outsourced to becomes your partner in technology, taking on responsibilities that – for you – are time-consuming and technically complex. 

According to a global industry report, the market of outsourcing to IT partners and other vendors is  expected to reach $220 million by the year 2020. Building a relationship with an experienced IT support team is key to maximizing your business operations.

4. Maintain security and stay in compliance with data security 

Skilled experts can ensure your computing and network infrastructure is secure and compliant. This includes keeping firewalls updated and making sure that all security patches are applied to all your networks and computing devices. 

Data security 

Your sensitive company data needs to be protected. Your IT partner can help you come up with security strategies to make sure your data is secure and that you’re in compliance with data protection laws.

Back up plan

Even small, start-up businesses need one – a back up plan that you can rely on if things go wrong. Outsourcing lets you work with a team who knows that having a disaster recovery strategy can make all the difference between a hiccup in the running of your business, and a security breach or loss of data that puts your entire business at risk.

5. Managing third-party vendors

The team you outsource to can also help manage other vendors. Why should you spend valuable time directly contacting vendors when your IT service provider can do it for you? They have the knowledge and experience to contact third-party vendors and explain the requirements of any work needed. This can lead to a much quicker resolution than if you have to do the hiring yourself. 

When is the right time to outsource?

Knowing the advantages of outsourcing your IT services is only the beginning – knowing when it’s time to outsource is also part of the strategy. Here’s when you know it’s time to hire an IT service partner:

Your IT budget is in the red

If you’re close to or going over your IT budget, it’s time to re-evaluate your IT needs and demands. If you’re no longer able to manage your IT department within the costs of your budget, outsourcing can save you significant costs in a short period of time.

You need a faster network and better computing devices

As your business grows, so will your need for a faster network system that’s going to give you the best performance. This is the time to outsource so an expert IT team can build a computing network that meets your current and future IT challenges.

Technical problems are occurring too frequently

If you’re experiencing technical problems more frequently, it’s time to determine if your IT employees can manage on their own. Do they have the skills to deal with these technical issues or are they spending valuable time on IT problems that they could better spend elsewhere? Outsourcing to an IT partner can save you both time and money when you rely on a professional IT team to do the work for you.

What IT services to outsource

Once you’ve decided to outsource, you’ll need to decide what services you want to put in the hands of an experienced IT partner. According to Computer Economics 2018, the most common IT services to outsource include: 

  • IT and desktop support
  • Disaster recovery and back up plans
  • IT security, including data cloud security
  • Network services, including optimum performance of your network infrastructure
  • Network operations and web hosting

Final words on outsourcing your IT support

Making the decision to outsource can be one of the wisest business decisions you make. You’ll be able to save business costs and focus on other important aspects of running your company. Look for an IT service provider that’s competent and has the experience and reliability you need to keep your computing network running efficiently.

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