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Robotic Process Automation: What Is It and Why It’s So Important For Chatbots


Some of the best AI chatbots are transforming various business processes. This technology has brought many benefits to chatbots and complimented them for improved efficiency. On the other hand, RPA and chatbots are also a beneficial combination that can help with repetitive tasks. 

However, when using RPA and chatbots, it’s crucial to have a unified approach. The integration of these two gives far more advantages than separate applications. Robotic process automation can improve the capabilities of chatbots in many ways. 

On the other hand, chatbots give a friendly environment to users where they can interact and communicate naturally. These two will complement each other. Today, we are going to explore this subject a bit further, so bear with us. 

What is Robotic Process Automation? 

Robotic process automation is a concept of using tools, technologies, or software for automating various repetitive activities, predetermined by rules, and it is currently done manually. These technologies are governed by structured input and logic for automating processes. 

RPA tools allow a company to configure how the software works for the purpose of interpreting or capturing transactions, triggering responses, analyzing data, managing data, and so on. Robotic process automation can be simple when you have email response automation

On the other hand, it can be as complex as the deployment of hundreds of different bots, which automate different jobs within an extensive system. 

RPA and Chatbots for Increase Productivity 

A combination of an RPA and a chatbot can be used for automating repetitive tasks with ease. For example, actions like approving orders, checking inventory, or approving sick leave to employees. At the same time, it can be used to collect vital information while doing these tasks. 

By combining voice-controlled chatbots, employees will be able to give input by speaking. This will lead to a drastic increase in productivity. If you feed the bot with vital information, you are a sentence away from performing actions. 

Instead of having to go through all of the information on their own, employees can give out commands and focus on more creative tasks. 

User Interface Transformation 

The widespread global use of the internet and social media has made people used to a certain type of user interface. Chatbots have already come a long way in this regard. They were first designed to resemble messaging apps that people use daily. 

Today, they have expanded their interfaces along with new functionalities. They are full enterprise systems that have multi-channel capabilities. At the same time, they come with simplified interfaces that make their use easy. 

Bots themselves make interactions a lot simpler, and today, anyone can use these highly advanced programs. For a lot of bots, it’s only necessary to give a voice command like “track the order,” and the assistant will start the process and guide users through it. 

Intelligent Transactions 

Everyone wants real-time responses with intelligence to their queries. Both commercial and enterprise systems need to have these capabilities. In case of some failure, for example, the person working on fixing the issue should have details about the problem. 

He or she should be able to know when was the last time something like this happened, how, and when it was resolved. Acquiring this kind of information requires several transactions and steps before getting to the desired details. With chatbots, the worker can type or say keywords about the issue. 

The AI will identify all the transactions required for the necessary information. On the other hand, RPA will execute them, and the employee will get all the information a lot faster. All of this augments the user’s knowledge and leads to better maintenance, customer service, or any other tasks that need intelligence or expertise. 


RPA and chatbots powered by AI will change the way organizations and the workforce interact with their stakeholders. Employees will become better and better at outsourcing mundane tasks to their digital assistants, giving them more time to handle complex tasks. 

To start making the most of RPA and chatbots, make sure to test out several scenarios that happen in your work process. Configure your technologies for all the possible events and add scenarios overtime to make the system even more efficient.


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