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PCB Market Continues To Grow In 2019


The printed circuit board market has continued to grow through 2019 due to the increased demand in those areas of technology that rely on them for the connection of multiple, increasingly intricate components. Printed circuit boards are the essential technological foundation of all electronic manufacturing and the increased demand for smart devices means that that the PCB market continues to be extremely important.

Considering printed circuit board market trends, and the circuit board layout software that powers the industry, it is smart and wireless electronic devices that are powering the growth here. As our electronic devices become ‘smarter’ and more complex, there is an ever growing need for printed circuit boards that shows no sign of slowing down.

What Is Leading The Growth In This Market?

  • Wearable Devices

One area of technology that is continuing to grow is wearable devices; that is smart watches, fitness trackers and wireless headphones and earphones. These types of devices offer many distinct advantages to consumers and they are useful for keeping fit as well as travelling. 

The introduction of high-quality wireless headphones and earphones relies heavily on the supply of quality printed circuit boards, made easier by PCB design software companies like Altium. This is also true of smart watches: As these devices become increasingly more complex, they need more unique electrical components and subsequently better quality PCBs, and more of them.

  • Smart Phones

Smart phones are not exactly a new addition to this market but there does continue to be a strong need for increasingly more sophisticated mobile devices as dictated by consumer demand. As phone manufacturers continue to come up with new ideas they rely on the reliable supply of more sophisticated components and of course printed circuit boards.

  • Smart Technology

Along with smart phones, smart watches and wireless head and earphones, the demand for smart technology within the home also continues to grow. From virtual assistants that are voice activated to smart thermostats, the consumer is becoming ever more reliant on so-called smart devices. What does this mean? Well, in terms of printed circuit board market trends, manufacturers are going to have to find reliable suppliers if they haven’t already.

What Does All This Mean For Manufacturers And Suppliers?

Printed circuit board market trends show us that the PCB is already in high demand this year and this is only going to increase. Electronics manufacturers are increasingly relying on a steady supply in order to keep up with their production demands.

Product manufacturers should by now be looking to cement and maintain a strong working relationship with their printed circuit board suppliers. If for whatever reason, they are not happy with the service they are receiving from a current printed circuit board supplier, or a manufacturer, then they need to act quickly to find an alternative before their production lines grind to a halt and their business suffers. This is not a glib remark as it is, unfortunately, a very real possibility – no business is too big to fail.

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  • PCB Market Continues To Grow In 2019

    The printed circuit board market has continued to grow through 2019 due to the increased d…
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