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Online Slot Strategies For Different Reel Types

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When it comes to real money gambling, slots still top the list for most players. This pertains to the floor of any land-based casino resort. It also pertains to gamblers who prefer to play real money slots online. The online casino industry continues to grow and expand across the United States as well as on a global basis. Increased availability is a key driving force. Diversity and innovation in slot gameplay is another big reason for continued industry growth.

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Slot machines are basically a game of chance. Luck tends to replace skill. However, since there are so many different slot machines to play, there is some strategy in gameplay. Basically, online slots can be broken down to four different types of machines:

  • 3 Reel Slots
  • 5 Reel Slots
  • Video Slots
  • Progressive Slots

The 3-reel slot machine is a classic design. Today’s offerings are throwbacks to the early days of casino gambling. The biggest attraction of playing three reel slots is simplicity. They are the best choice for players that are looking to have some fun while gambling. 

The themes are classic, yet there are some modern innovations. The gameplay experience is closely related to old-school Las Vegas slot lounges. Pay lines are limited, so maxing out your bet is the best online slots strategy. Lower jackpot games payout more frequently than machines with higher jackpots.

Slot machines evolved over the years from three reels to five reels. You can even find some online slots with six reels these days. Moving to five reels adds quite a bit of diversity to the gameplay experience. Today’s top gaming companies are constantly trying to raise the bar with new game releases. Innovation can sometimes lead to confusion with so many things going on all at once. You should probably watch a demo of gameplay to familiarize yourself with any machine you play.

Slots with five reels have a larger amount of pay lines. There are added features such as scatters, wilds, free spins and respins. Most have a base game that can lead to multiple bonus games. Players looking to win some money while also going on some wild adventure have many different options available.

A game’s volatility level also comes into play. Low levels offer more frequent payouts at lower amounts. A high level of volatility offers bigger wins less frequently. It is also important to know a machine’s return to player (RTP). This the percent of money taken in that is paid back to players on a daily basis.

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Progressive slot machines offer the biggest jackpots at real money online casino sites. They are usually tied to a network of machines that accumulate money with regular pay. The progressive jackpot continues to grow and grow until some lucky player hits it big. Each machine will post its top jackpot. The most popular progressives offer six to seven figure maximum payouts.

Video slots are very similar to five reel slots in gameplay. However, they offer a more entertaining experience in both advanced graphics and immersive audio soundtracks. Many of the top video slots can create a 3D visual experience.

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