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NetBase Uses Social Media Listening to Boost Clients’ Performance


Using social media is a good way to increase brand awareness and promote lead generation. Companies of all sizes strive to maintain an active social media presence so they can increase their market share. However, the use of social media can lead a business down a slippery slope if the right monitoring strategy does not exist. Partnering with a high-level social media analytics agency can really boost your results.

What is Social Media Listening?

Listening is the act of following a company’s brand throughout multiple social media channels for user feedback and mentions of the brand through the filter of specific keywords. The keywords monitored may include industry topics, competitors, or company-related terms. the goal is to gather the data from this feedback and analyze it so as to gain valuable insight into how consumer behavior towards a company’s brand.

The active part of listening to your social media comes in after the necessary insights have been obtained. Hiring a social media consulting agency like NetBase can help you reach conclusions that are made from the gathered data regarding any existing opportunities or matters that need to be remedied. These opportunities and fixes need to be pursued by the company by actively participating in the discussion around its brand online.

How to Use Social Media Listening

Start off by deciding which social media networks your brand should be on and which networks you should be monitoring. Decide on which tools you will be using to conduct your social listening and set up notifications and alerts to let you know how the conversation around your brand is developing in real-time. Make sure to respond to customer requests and complaints promptly and in a manner that will enhance your brand for the better in the public eye. Try to be proactive and answer to positive feedback as eagerly as you do to negative remarks.

Listening to your social media presence isn’t limited to pinpointing potential negative conversations around your brand. You can use it to hone your content marketing by seeing what users are responding to and how. Monitoring your brand’s social media can also help you boost lead generation and offer low-cost customer service.

What Kinds of Information to Gather

Listening to your online presence gives you the opportunity to initiate customer feedback by posing questions and offering forms where people can voice their opinions on your business. Monitoring comments is a way of gathering feedback from discussions that you did not necessarily initiate. You should gather information on the type of content regarding your brand with which users are engaging the most. This will drive your social media marketing and content efforts and allow you to tailor your message to your customers’ wants. Digging deeper with demographics and times of day that the most interaction occurs can give you useful brand intelligence.

What Are the Benefits?

Social media listening can be used as a sales tool. By following up on warm leads, your sales and marketing teams can collaborate to increase revenue. Your company can utilize social media listening as a customer support tool, thus reducing the workload from support agents. Other applications include finding user-generated content to enrich your content marketing, managing negative PR situations, obtaining competitive intelligence and improving your products and services based on customer feedback and reviews.

Monitoring vs. Listening

Social media monitoring is the part of the process where you seek out and collect the data while listening is more about taking in the information so as to analyze and draw useful conclusions. Monitoring and listening go hand-in-hand but the difference lies in the stage of the process and the scope. Listening has everything to do with understanding your audience and tweaking your strategy to produce measurable results.

How NetBase Help Clients Excel With Social Media Listening

NetBase has advanced tools and knowledgeable professionals that are experienced in seeking the right social media cues and turning them into a positive driver for businesses. Check out how NetBase can take your brand’s social media to the next level with their social media analytics.

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