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How Online Australian Criminal History Checks Have Revolutionized Efficiency


The role of background check technology in the hiring process cannot be overemphasized. They help employers ensure that the applicant is whom they claim to be. Police checks, in particular, are used to investigate the criminal past of an applicant. This helps employers to determine if the applicant is well-suited for that role based on the relevance of their criminal history.

Because crime record checks help to maintain a safe work environment, they are an extremely important part of any screening process. Do you know that over 86% of Australian employers carry out criminal history checks? 

However, police history checks haven’t always been this popular. But the advent of ‘online’ criminal history checks revolutionized the entire process.

Understanding the Trend

Although every employer agrees on the benefits of a national criminal history (ancc) check, only big corporations made use of them about two decades ago. Why? Because the process was time-intensive and labor-intensive. Paper applications had to be submitted in long queues. Then came the long wait of expecting the result. 

But since online checks came into the picture, the number of employers making use of police history checks have skyrocketed. In 2004, about 1.2 million national police checks were ordered from the Criminal Intelligence Commission. By 2018, that number had increased to over 4.5 million. This represents an annual growth rate of 10 percent. 

Reason For This Trend

Online Australian criminal history checks have made it easier for HR managers to fulfill their duty by drastically improving the efficiency of the process. Here are some of the ways this has happened:

. Convenient Technology

From the comfort of their offices, employers can now order for police history checks via their laptops. Once consent is obtained from the applicant/ employer, all employers need to do is upload their data through a secured ACIC accredited platform that searches their database. Employers then get the results without having to leave their seats. 

. Better Security

In today’s digital world, data protection is extremely crucial. That’s why online police checks make use of Secure Socket Layers (SSL), which is an advanced encryption technology used to protect the data of applicants. 

. Faster

Over 90% of police checks are submitted within a business day. Almost all get returned in, at most, 3 business days. This means employers do not need to worry about losing a top candidate to another company because the vetting process was too slow. 

. Wider Reach

Irrespective of where the applicant is located within Australia, employers can carry out criminal history checks on them. This makes it easier for employers to strive towards a work diverse work environment. 


In today’s fast-paced world, efficiency is key. Customer services, manufacturing processes, and all other facets of a business must be efficient to thrive. The same is true of screening checks for new hires. Through online Australian background checks, employers can now easily get access to information regarding the criminal history of a candidate with the utmost speed and convenience. 

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