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How Much Will It Cost You To Rank Number 1 In Your Niche On The SERPS


The search engine results pages (SERPS) are the search results displayed when users search for something on the search engines – on Google, for example. Basically, there are two types of search engine results pages, which are organic results and paid for results.

So, how much will it cost you to rank number 1 in your niche on the SERPS?

This is a question that must be considered before you begin your quest to reach this sought after spot. Before embarking on a digital marketing campaign to improve your ranking on the SERPS it’s important to first determine the cost and to carefully set out a digital marketing strategy to help you achieve this all-important number 1 ranking.

To reach rank number 1 on the SERPS may seem confusing and quite a difficult task, however once you understand how to approach this goal you’ll soon be effectively sorting out your page rank issues.

Taking all of the above factors into account it’s vital to complete a digital marketing course to make sure you gain a solid understanding digital marketing techniques which are able to help you rank number 1 on the SERPS.

Tools to help you reach number 1 ranking

With competition rife and almost everyone on the world wide web scrambling to reach the number 1 ranking in their niche, thankfully there are many tools available to help you achieve this objective. However, to keep costs at bay, it’s important to select the right tool for you and to also give your rankings time to improve.

Your goal is to keep costs in check when boosting your ranking on the SERPS, right? Well along with the wide choice of tools that are readily available, this is where the need comes in to keep your costs in check.

Where to start?

A really good place to start in the race to reach number 1 rank on the SERPS is to try out the many free SERP checkers that are online. This alone will never boost your ranking up to first place but understanding popular keywords for your niche is vital to improve your ranking.

All of these free online tools are simple to use and readily available. Great – so go ahead and try a few of them which will help keep your SEO costs down when starting out.

It’s a good idea to search your top keywords and see where your page ranks and whether it’s changed either for the better or worse. You can also try searching by using your brand name, remember you can be penalised by Google if you aren’t ranking for this search.

Gettingit right

It’s no longer good enough to simply focus on using the correct keywords to improve your ranking. How times have changed.   Nowadays to get ahead in SEO and your digital marketing campaign it’s important to have the right tools. In other words, to get working smarter with SEO making use of the right tool will speed your efforts along and help keep costs down.

Act on your search engine ranking

Once you’ve used some of the tools to check how your site is ranking on the SERPS – it’s time to address the issues of your underperforming pages.

You can start by taking action on the following:

  • Add content – Try new ideas for content and try to add more content to your site than is currently there as additional content will improve your ranking on the SERPS.
  • Update keywords – Keep track of the most popular keywords for your industry and be sure to update keywords regularly.
  • Keep content fresh – It’s a good idea to continually update your content to keep it fresh. Find new ways of reinventing your content, as Google will recognise the update.
  • Ensure title is relevant – Make sure the title you use on your page is relevant as well as catchy. It should also include your main keyword.


The name of the game in SEO and digital marketing is to keep track of your costs as should this go unmonitored it can prove a very expensive marketing endeavour. Although SEO is not an exact science, be sure to keep up to date with algorithm updates the latest SEO tips.

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