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How Do You Properly Manage Your Employees? Here Are Some Tools That May Help


Proper management of the workforce is something that business need in order for them to be sustained. With that said, this has a crucial impact on the fate of the business in terms of its productivity. Mismanagement of the employees in a business could lead to its downfall, while a lot of businesses have become the massive success that they are, thanks to proper management.

While there are several tips and practical advise you could most definitely utilize, in terms of your attitude to your work and the like, a modern means of managing your employees would be to make use of the mobile route. With that said, there are already several apps which you could make use of for WorkForce Management 1000. Some of these tools you may have to pay for, while some of these could be obtained for free. What exactly are these software and tools that we’re talking about? Below are some of the best ones which we recommend in order to bring out the best in your business.

When I Work

One of the most important aspects for business management is scheduling. With that said, you may want to avail of an app which allows you to do so. When I Work is one of these apps. This is a scheduling program that is cloud-based, and makes scheduling of employees a lot less stressful. This is because through this app, employees may never have to time in again, as they are given updates instantly for scheduling, so that they would not have to check whenever they work. Approvals for time-off could also be received and acted on right after requesting. This eventually results to better employee communication, boosting of accountability, and of course, their scheduling.

The key features include employee time clock, mobile scheduling, and of course, punching in or out via a mobile. It doesn’t cost a thing if you manage 100 employees or less, and you would have to contact them to get a quotation for employees more than the said number.


Apart from scheduling employees, another important aspect of management includes making sure that the staff or employees of your business are doing their absolute best in their work. Reviewsnap makes this possible. In a nutshell, this is one of the best leading performance management solutions which is used primarily for staff development. They do this by giving employees a comprehensive look at their performance evaluations, compensation, and feedback.

This app is inclusive of an Automated annual review, an intuitive user interface, templates, language compliance, performance tracking, and templates. It is complete with learning content as well as a 360-degree feedback which allows people to view the evaluations that they need in order for them to be at their absolute best. The app price isn’t flat, and it would vary depending on how many employees you would have to monitor.


Apart from attendance and employee performance, another factor you would have to keep in check for proper management of your business is finance, specifically, expenses. One of the best apps for this particular purpose is Nexonia, which focuses primarily on revenue-generating work through making tasks that have to do with expense-making one which is automated. This has to be taken proper care of, given that expenses are some of the most critical aspects when it comes to management, and a failure in this aspect essentially spells doom for any establishment.

To be able to do this, it comes with integrations, versatile approval workflows, full support and training, as well as an intuitive mobile application. Its key features include integration of the credit card, ERP integrations and accounting, muti-currency and customer support, as well as the necessary mobile apps.


For large-scale companies that have an HR department, doing the whole function of it in a streamlined manner is something that you would want to consider. These functions include scheduling of employees, making of employee reports, off and onboarding, and the like. While there are several software applications that take care of these individual tasks, CakeHR takes things up a notch by seamlessly integrating all of these workflows in a single app.

To make all of these possible, it is compatible for use on tablets, desktops, and mobile devices. It also has a 360-degree feedback, a calendar that’s shared by the whole company, vacation management features, as well as customization for permission levels, given that degrees of confidentiality for the different HR files may vary, and thus access to them would have to be better controlled. It is one of the most affordable apps at just under $5 to use on a monthly basis.


Scheduling, Finance, and Work Performance of employees, are all important aspects of any business. Another factor which we should never forget would have to be the over-all workforce. After all, how is a business supposed to operate without the existence of a solid one? The perfect employee management app to help with this particular aspect of your business is Wonolo. This is, essentially, an on-demand staffing platform which allows businesses to effectively fill labor needs, either on an hourly of daily basis.

The problem of mile-staffing is one which is abundant in the world of small-to-medium companies, and Wonolo helps in order for these companies to dispatch and properly match their employers as soon as they possibly could, and in some instances, increase the workforce by getting people on Wonolo to do the job.

Its features include better workforce management, an intelligent matching mechanism, as well as immediate posting of jobs to make all of this possible. Lastly, this is compatible with HR, with the compatibility feature one which is built-in.


Proper Employee Management goes beyond teaching employees the proper conduct at work, as well as providing them with the necessary information in a bid for their work output to be maximized. All of these apps the different aspects of management one which is indeed, much easier for you to do.

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