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How Artificial Intelligence Is Disrupting The Sales Profession


In today’s high-tech world, new technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are challenging and changing traditional ways of doing things. The sales profession is no different. AI can transform the way sales are made through its ability to analyze large amounts of data. The following are some of its many benefits.

Better Lead Management Through Predictive Forecasting

Many sales reps tend to rely on gut feeling when assessing leads. AI has unrivaled abilities to assist in scoring and prioritizing leads. Combined with a sales rep’s intuition, such analysis can raise lead management to new heights. AI can support sales teams in making smarter decisions without having to run endless what-if scenarios. It uses historical data to build sales models that can anticipate possible outcomes of multiple scenarios, such as:

  • Identifying hot leads.
  • Deals most likely to close.
  • Deals or prospects to target.
  • Worthwhile new leads.
  • Opportunities to cross-sell or upsell.

All sales reps have experienced the frustration of chasing down a deal only to have it come to nothing. All of that time and effort have been wasted. AI can classify what a good deal looks like and also predict which solutions and discounts to offer a customer based on previous successes. 

Better Messaging Management

AI seamlessly analyzes the number of valuable interactions with prospects during an average day. Based on this analysis, AI can automatically reach out to leads with the right messaging at the right time. By analyzing responses to these automated conversations, AI can determine which leads have genuine value and direct them to a live salesperson to close the deal. Timely follow-ups lead to higher conversions and increased customer engagement and loyalty.

Improved Productivity

In the past, a sales rep would spend lots of time on administrative tasks involving manual data entry. Automating administrative tasks takes these time-consuming chores away from the rep. After all, a sales rep can only be as productive as the time spent selling. AI can increase productivity and efficiency throughout the sales cycle. It can also help to forecast a sales team’s performance during a specified time so that proactive steps can be taken.

Will AI Take Away Sales Jobs?

AI will take away many tasks that are monotonous and time-consuming. This is a blessing as it provides sales reps with more time for actual sales work. AI-driven platforms offer vast opportunities for saving time and increasing productivity. The technology can enhance sales workflow and improve efficiency and closing ratios. However, sales reps will need to be trained to work with AI technologies.

How AI is Changing the Sales of Tomorrow

AI is a reality that is disrupting the way sales teams have traditionally operated. It is already being utilized by leading sales organizations that have recognized its powerful benefits. AI will never be a replacement for quality human interaction and should not be regarded as a threat to a sales job. Rather it should be seen as a highly valuable partner and extension of a sales team. AI and all of its benefits are here to stay.

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