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How Are Megaways Slots Different From Normal Slots


How far the slots industry has come, eh? It wasn’t much longer than a hundred years ago that a Californian mechanical engineer who went by the name of Charles D. Fey was applying the finishing touches to his Liberty Bell machine, a piece of engineering that would become the world’s first slot machine produced on a large scale. Since then the industry has experienced a series of profound technological developments over the years, and this has resulted in it being the No. 1 gambling market in the world. 

This fact is largely down to the eminence of online slots, games at www.slotzo.com that have well and truly changed the complexion of the gambling industry as a whole. You just cannot beat the practicality, excitement and design of online slots, and this is something that has only been accentuated by the innovative release of Megaways technology a few years ago. Big Time Gaming pioneered this new game mechanic, and nowadays several high profile developers are also jumping on the bandwagon. Read ahead for a low down on Megaways slots, and an exploration into how they are different from normal slots. 

What Is Megaways Technology? 

Megaways technology is a new way of designing the mechanics of online slot games, and one that makes things a hell of a lot more interesting. Whilst the classic slot framework uses things called pay lines on which gamblers can make winning combinations, Megaways slots do away with this, and offer something completely different. For example, in order to make a winning combination on a Megaways slot you only have to land identical symbols on adjacent reels. 

This already makes sure that there are a lot more opportunities to win on Megaways slots, and this is increased by the fact that the technology also includes a random reel modifier. This means that several symbols can appear on the reels during any one spin, hence why Megaways slots can often have well over 100,000 ways to win. In fact a game called Holy Diver has 586,971 ways to win!

History Of Megaways Technology 

Megaways technology is still quite new, with the first Megaways games coming from Big Time Gaming only a few years ago. As you might imagine it took quite a lot of software programming breakthroughs in order to make it possible, and Big Time Gaming finally made a breakthrough around 2016. 

It would take a little longer for their games to reach the production line, and it was Bonanza that first exposed the game mechanic to the public properly. Big Time Gaming still own the patent for Megaways technology, so if any other developers want to use it they have to buy a licence. 

How Are Megaways Slots Different From Normal Slots 

The main difference between Megaways slots and normal slots is the fact that there are no traditional pay lines, and then wins are simply made by matching adjacent symbols from left to right. This also means that there are way more ways to win on Megaways slots compared to normal slots.

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