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Here Are The 7 Best Tools For Fast and Easy Conversion of MP4 to MOV

Here Are The 7 Best Tools For Fast and Easy Conversion of MP4 to MOV

MP4 and MOV are the two most popular file formats in existence these days. To be precise, the choice of a video file format usually depends on the requirements of the user. Interestingly, both MP4 and MOV use the lossy video compression approach to store the videos. It is worth mentioning here that MOV is a popular video file format introduced by Apple. 

Its main intention is to support its QuickTime movie player which is often used to save videos and movies. Moreover, it uses an advanced algorithm developed by Apple and is compatible with various versions of Mac and Windows OS. On the basis of MOV format, MP4file format was subsequently developed.    

Here is a brief comparison between MP4 and MOV formats which would help you to understand their differences.  

Feature MP4 MOV
Data Streams The container format of MP4 relies heavily on the MPEG-4 presentations. These presentations are usually fused with the MPEG-4 BIF. The .MOV container format relies upon a track system on its contents. These tracks are integrated together constituting a MOV video.
Extension It is an ISO standard format which carries an extension in form of .mp4. It comes with an extension in the form of .MOV and is an ISO standard format.
Advantage Opens on any type of device you are carrying. Dependable file format in Apple devices
Disadvantage Video quality suffers in non-Apple devices. Cannot be compressed fully

Top three qualities that should be present in video converter software

Here is the list of top three essential qualities that any good video converter should have. 

  • Number of file formats supported by the converter

Any reputed and popular video converter should support several kinds of file formats. To be precise, your only concern shouldn’t be working with mp4 to MOV if you are a professional. 

  • Editing features

Editing features are a blessing in disguise for passionate users. It saves them time and resources when they can edit videos with the converter. 

  • Quality and speed of the converter

It would be frustrating to wait for the video to be converted to your desired format. Hence, the converter software should be responsive. It also shouldn’t make any compromise on the quality. 

7 best tools for fast and easy conversion of MP4 to MOV

1. Wondershare UniConverter

Provided that you cannot be online at most of the times, you need a reliable video converter tool. One of the best video converters which would let you convert MP4to MOV is Wondershare UniConverter. Phenomenally, it supports 1000 plus audio and video formats for conversion. You can also burn videos to DVDs. Here are the steps to convert MP4 to MOV with this tool. 

  • Download and launch UniConverter

Download and install UniConverter on Mac and open the software to get started. 

  • Use the dashboard to add the MP4 file that is to be converted

Click on the “convert” menu, or drag and drop the MP4 that is to be converted. 

  • Select MOV as the output format

To find the output as the MOV file format, click on “video.” You can also tweak the video resolution. 

  • Launch the conversion process

Click on the “convert” menu to start the conversion process. 

2. ClipConverter

It is a free online MP4 to MOV converter which comes with great features. It is adept in converting videos on sites like YouTube and Vimeo by using the video URL. It also supports an array of file formats. 


  • The process of conversion is simple


  • The rate of conversion is slow

3. Zamzar

Zamzar is a great alternative if you are looking forward to MP4 to MOV conversions. It is free to use and allows you to convert more than one video. It also supports a wide variety of file formats. 


  • Supports conversion through URL


  • You cannot download the converted file from the site

4. ClipChamp

This online converter allows you to convert videos without actually uploading them. It supports a wide array of input and output formats. 


  • Options available for video customization 


  • Only 5 videos per month are allowed to be converted

5. Online HD Video Converter

It is a popular video conversion tool as it supports an array of major audio and video file formats. It also supports UHD 4K and UHD 2K. 


  • You can compress the converted file


  • It only has support for major format

6. Cellsea

It permits the users to convert videos straight from their URLs. You can also convert local video files. 


  • Supports customization of videos


  • Output formats are fewer 

7. YouConvertIt

You can convert any kind of file with this converter. It also supports a plethora of input and output formats. 


  • Fast conversion rate


  • Requires too much data to get started

Summing Up

Hope that it is evident from the above discussion that UniConverter should be your go-to choice for video conversion. You can go through the Wondershare website to know more about converting videos in a hassle-free manner. 

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