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Healthy Innovations For Your Home


Innovations are not limited to the field of transport and medicine but cut across all spheres of human interaction, including a household. It is not uncommon nowadays to find machines doing manual jobs like washing and ironing. Are you having constant migraines trying to meet job deadlines yet dishes and dirty clothes are waiting for you? If yes, here are healthy home innovations that can save you the migraine.


The modern dishwashers can perform tasks better than they have before. Currently, one does not have to load the dishes manually in the washer but can use a remote control to do it. The goal here is to do as little manual work as possible, saving strain that comes from leaning on a kitchen sink for long hours, not forgetting the time saved in the process. This gives you enough reasons to look for the best available dishwashers in the market. The main factors to consider are quality, cost, and efficiency of the dishwasher.

Smart Glass

Gone are the days when we were forced to draw curtains to filter light or keep away nosy neighbors. Presently, a smart glass can do that. The advantage of the smart glass is that it allows one maximum privacy. Besides, the glass can filter out excess light as it changes depending on the light in the surrounding, thus protecting one’s eyes. The hustle of worrying about what drapes match the seats or the color on the walls is equally eradicated.

Steam Washers

Doing laundry is the most stressful job for most stay at home and business mums. Washing machines, however, have made the task easy if not better. The conventional washing machine uses hot water, but although effective, they are not as good as the steam washers. The steam washer uses steam to not only clean clothes but also give them extras like removing odor and creases or leaving the fabric soft and smooth. Why worry about scents, fabric softeners, and bleach when you can simply purchase a steam washer?

Smart Blenders

Due to the rise of lifestyle diseases, most people are conscious about their health. The manufacturers are also aware of this and have created gadgets that promote healthy eating. One such gadget is the NutriBullet which is linked to an APP on the user’s smart gadgets. 

NutriBullet promotes healthy eating as it breaks down the nutritional content gram by gram which prevents under consumption or overconsumption of a given nutrient. Besides, it helps one pick the best combination of nutrients from the foods available, factoring in personal tastes and eating styles, whether vegan or caffeine-free. Therefore, when it comes to innovations that promote healthy living, Nutribullet is on top of the list.

2-in-1 Mop and Vacuum Cleaners

Most traditional homes use vacuum cleaners to start and then proceed to mop the floor. However, the creation of FC5 2-in-1 mop and vacuum cleaners has made work easier since one can do both at the same time. Studies have shown that cleaning and living in a clean environment reduces stress. Therefore, you can imagine the level of stress reduction that comes with being able to clean a space in 30 minutes; a job that initially took one hour. 

Air Purifying Fans

Fans are widely used to cool homes and clean air around the home and office spaces. Advancements have been made on this gadget leading to the production of the Hot + Cool purifying fan like the one made by Dyson. This fan is able to capture trapped gasses and ultrafine particles, leaving a room perfectly clean. 

The Hot + Cool fan does not only clean the room, but it also heats and cools it accordingly factoring in humidity and room temperatures. Like many modern gadgets, this too is controlled through an app. As such, the health benefits that one reaps from having this gadget include rare cases of flu and infectious respiratory diseases.

A Smart Desk

Imagine not having to pull and push and lean on a desk to find the most comfortable angle to read or finish a work assignment. Operating from a smart desk improves productivity and also promotes good health. This is because the desk can raise and lower itself adjusting you to comfortable postures.

Besides, it alerts one on when to change a dangerous sitting position or when one needs to take a break from the desk. The health benefits arising from having such desks are correct posture and proper blood circulation, which ultimately improves productivity.

The HiMirror Mini

Who thought mirrors can do more that reflecting our images to us? As such, the HiMirror Mini is a smart mirror that guides the user on the right application of beauty products. It warns you about the impending wrinkles and possible changes in the texture and the tone of one’s skin. 

Hence, women who are worried about skincare routines can benefit most from this mirror. Good skin makes one confident, which reduces anxiety and stress. Besides, it promotes healthy eating habits if the problems related to the skin as identified by the HiMirror Mini are a result of a poor diet.

Smart Beds

Sleeping next to a snoring partner is no fun. However, this is no longer a problem thanks to Magni Smartech mattress. This particular mattress has sleep monitors that check the heart rate and temperatures hence making it useful, especially when there is an elderly or a sick person in the house.

Besides, this mattress can detect snoring and can adjust itself until you stop snoring. Clearly, this is a game-changer for a person who has to endure short nights and is overly stressed due to lack of sleep.

Although the cost of most of the innovations might seem ridiculous, their health benefits are immense. You, therefore, cannot put price over healthy living. What’s the point of chasing money if it can’t help us live healthy lives? Knowing that such innovations exist, look into buying one that best suits your needs.

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