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Guest Blogging Plan: 7 Methods To Produce Huge Credibility And Traffic


Have you ever tried putting all of your efforts into making guests articles, but didn’t go so well? While you are looking at the analytics, you are also patiently waiting for the visitors to come. Few weeks after, you know that all your efforts have failed to achieve any traction.

The drawback with guest blogging is that it is not a magical tool for the growth of your blog. However, it does not really have to be that way. Here is some guest blogging strategy that you could use to make your blog stand out.

  • Be a Part of Websites that are not Waste of Your Time

The majority of articles you can contribute to are not worth your time since they do not have an involved audience. So, how can we find worthy blogs?

You need to examine every blog.  When you are considering if you should pitch them on a guest post idea, you must ask these questions to yourself:

  • Do the blog have a chance of driving traffic or are there a lot of interferences?

A lot of distractions might mean they will not bring as much traffic as a blog that has a very clean design. Few of these websites still are worth contributing for since they provide good social proof and they have an active audience.

  • Do they offer the writer credit and a link to his/her landing page or blog in an author bio?

You will put considerable amount of effort into making the content. That is why you must at least get an acknowledgment with a link connected to your website.

  • Do my target clients align with this blog?

You must have a target market that you want to reach. The contents you would make must speak to your target audience.

  • Do they frequently contribute their own blogs?

They possibly will not spend a lot of time sharing your contents if they do not have time sharing their own.

  • Do they reply to a comment?

This means that the owner of the blog cares about communicating with their customers. This also means that they are active.

  • Do they have an engaged audience?

The comment section is the best indicator. However, pay close attention to the quality. Do not be a part of a site with tons of spam comments.

Primarily, you might find that you must contribute to small blogs. This is because big blogs often ask for samples of posts you have written for other websites.

  • Use Guest Posts to Create your Email List

You must always link to a landing page in your author bio where audience could download your lead magnet. Or, use whatever is the most relevant if you have several lead magnets.

  • Before you Pitch, Connect First

Blog writers gain tons of pitches from individuals they do not know. Even if you have the best pitch in the whole universe, there is still no assurance that you would land that guest posting chance.

Well, a good pitch truly does help. However, would you not want to do anything you can to land that chance?

Here is the answer:

Individuals are far more possible to reply in a good way to people they know.

This can be as easy as:

  • Content Sharing (You need to tag the blogger)
  • Commenting on every blog post
  • Responding to emails
  • Responding to social media statuses.

These are simply the fundamentals. You will need to be creative if you are trying to bond with A-listers in your position.

Do not pitch them or ask them to do something. You simply just need to communicate with them.

One reason why bonding first is a great idea is because it obliges you to know the bloggers that you would pitch eventually.

You would acquire a deeper understanding of the sorts of subjects they post and how they make it.

So, you could utilize all of this understanding that you have created when you finally send them the pitch.

It would be far better when you finally make your pitch.

  • Respond to all comment

To many individuals, this has turn to nearly second nature already.

However, it is important because when a person has taken the time to write an expressive comment, it is only correct to reply thanks. It is much better if you add discussion and keep the conversation going.

You still should respond to comments even if you end up contributing to sites where owners does not reply to comments.

A good way to learn from your audience is through blog comments. You get to know them more if you gain their feedback.

  • Promote your Guest Post

Do not just let the blogger drive all the traffic to your blog, or share it on a social media once and think that is sufficient.

The truth is that it is not adequate to get the results you desire.

Yeah, the entire idea of guest blogs is to help you attain a lot more readers. However, your typical promotional efforts would have a far bigger impact when you contribute a post to a more famous site.

So, influence each promotional plan you could – your social media, email outreach, niche bookmarking sites, influence marketing, personal network, and much more.

  • Let the world know who could help

You need to ensure your guest post sends the correct message since it would show your author bio underneath it.

For instance, you will struggle to land new customers if you are attempting to get freelance writing customers and you do not mention it in your bio.

  • Do Guest Posting More

The fact is that even if you could thoroughly strategize every guest post you publish, some simply fails.

Perhaps the subject did not resonate with the readers of the blog. Or, maybe it was something else.

It is not the end of you; you could still make a good guest post that could unlock other chances. Just do not stop believing in yourself.

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