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Gambling Regulations at Slots Explained 


One of the biggest economies in the UK is gambling, and because it is so big and so popular, there are a number of regulations that have been imposed to keep both the players and the bookmakers and casinos safe, and to keep the games fun rather than overly stressful. 

However, although these laws are in place for positive reasons, they can sometimes feel rather complicated, and in some cases they might even put people off playing altogether because they just don’t know what they are meant to be doing, or what they are allowed to do. So here is a breakdown of some of the regulations, the ones that relate to slots at Cozino at least, to help you. 

UK Gambling Commission

Before anyone can set up a casino or bookmakers, they need to obtain a licence from the UK Gambling Commission. Initially this permission had to be granted by parliament itself, but with so many new casino websites opening up, this soon became an impossible task, and the UK Gambling Commission took on the role. Without a licence from this body, any casino that operated would be doing so illegally, which is why, when you are looking for somewhere to play online slots, you should make sure the site you are considering has a licence. It will protect you should something go wrong. 

It’s not just casinos that need to obtain this licence; you will even need one if you are working on any kind of marketing of material creation for a gambling service provider. So it covers a lot, and this is good; it continues to protect people as far as possible. 

The original Gambling Act was also in place to help. However, this soon became outdated and had to be modernised. This is why there is a new Act, which was brought into effect from 2015.

Gambling Regulations – Acts from 2005 Onwards

As soon as the Gambling Act 2005 came into being, any Act that had been in place before that became null and void. This was the first act that contained any mention of online activities, so it was extremely important, and it meant that any online casino had to have a licence just like any land-based one did. 

The Gambling Act was updated in 2014 to include the rule that online services had to obtain a licence from the UK Gambling Commission. Although this might have seemed obvious, without it being written in law, it meant that there was a big loophole for online casinos to use to their advantage if they didn’t want to obtain a licence. After 2014, they had to do so in order to operate. Without one, having a gambling site became a criminal offence. 

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