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Functional Testing For Web Applications


Web application testing is one of the important parts of the development process. It is particularly used to check the efficiency and reliability of the web application. The solutions to make the web application error-free and effective are to perform the functional testing helps the test engineer and developers to create a website which is capable of providing the users the best experience of browsing.

 The need for functional testing

There are numerous reasons which are capable of encouraging functional testing for web applications in the following are the various things to clarify why we need functional testing.

  •   Generating client code for the website.
  •   To check whether the requirements of satellites are satisfied or not.
  •   Define the various requirements for the test inputs.
  •   Check whether the actresses born smash hit the expected response.
  •   Check whether the actual response matches the expected response or not.
  •   Benefits of web service functional testing.
  •   Every organization must understand why what are the benefits of the functional testing to their websites; the following are the benefits in detail.

To improve service-oriented architecture

Web application testing is very important to improve the SOE for service-oriented architecture. It is physically set of services which help to communication between the client and server side with the help of input and architecture data is to be transferred with various groups and data bases. Using the functional testing tools help you to improve the reliability of this function or feature of the weather application.

Ease testing

With the help of functional testing, you can simplify the web application functions. It is believed that all the time to web applications must be simple as well as easy to use. Functional testing checks all the EPS of the web application are working fine or not.

Support cloud environment

Today lots of business organizations are using cloud services to build an application like Amazon Web services. Functional testing tools are reliable with these cloud services and can integrate with them as well. It is not like that if you are using a cloud tool to build your app, you don’t need to test your application for functional testing. Functional testing is important for all development methods.

Easier debugging

Web services may or may not have issues in the code and functionality, but as we know, functional testing is only concerned with the output of the code. If the testing process finds difficulties or issues or bugs in the functionality, then it is natural that there is a problem in your source code and you need to make changes according to that. So indirectly functional testing is also capable of testing the code of the application.

Compatibility testing

Along with the functionality test, functional testing processes are also capable of testing the compatibility of the web application with various browsers and software and hardware environment like operating systems. With the help of functional testing, you can also figure out which are the various devices or environments with which application is not compatible and not working fine.

Phases of website functionality testing

Website functionality testing has four phases, or documentation processes which every test engineer or testing team must follow the following are the various four phases of website functionality testing.


Requirements are the goals and objectives of the application which the test engineer should explore before conducting the testing process.

Test plan

The test plan is the various strategies which test engineer have to make according to the requirement specifications provided by the client or end users.

Test case

Test cases are various inputs, or you can say input data which a system used to test the application, whether it’s the manual testing process. Automation testing process test cases are important in both techniques.

Test report

The test report is the end of the process in this series a report will be generated which have all the information about the various bugs and matrix to show where the web application is going in development.

Checklist for website functionality testing

  •   Link testing.
  •   Link testing care approaches of functionality testing the test engineer should verify the following points.
  •   Accuracy of internal links.
  •   Accuracy of outbound links.
  •   Search broken links.
  •   Not referenced links.
  •   Links which are releasing on the same page.
  •   Form testing of all pages.

In a web application, there are various forms available and to check these forms, the following points should be important to check.

  •   The validity of input data.
  •   JavaScript of all the forms.
  •   Allowed values for various data fields in different forms.
  •   Accuracy of buttons attached with the forms.

Cookie testing

Cookies are used to get the data of users computer to validate the functionality of cookie the following points should be considered.

  •   Is cookie working properly?
  •   Check the security of application when cookie removed.
  •   Check the functionality of the application with disabling cookie.
  •   Check the functionality of the application with an enabled cookie.

The above are various things which are an important part of functionality testing, and a test engineer must check all the important points of the application to make sure that the application has no loopholes. 


Functional testing is very important for the web application to ensure that the replication is working according to the requirement specification. It has the ability to find the bugs directly from the website or application. It is also helpful to find the bugs attached to the login and registration forms. If you are using the automation tools, then you will be capable to record the process and figure out the various bugs easily in this article we try to show you how functionality testing is important for the web application and what are the various points a test engineer can explore with the help of web application functionality testing. Maybe you still have lots of questions in your mind to get the answers to those questions you can write to us on the comment section we will try to solve all your doubts according to our expertise.

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