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Easy Hacks To Optimize Data Usage For Your Android Phone 


You may own the most expensive Android phone model, but mobile data is one thing that always pinches your pocket. Modern apps are data-hungry, and the constant push to update new versions can eat up your limits even before you know. Further, video streaming services take the usage even higher, making it hard to manage it. Fortunately, you have options to cut back data usage on Android devices. But you have to be a little more vigilant about how you use your device and apps. Here are some easy hacks that can help. 

Utilize your device settings

It is easy to set a limit to the monthly data usage by accessing the device settings. You can simply do it, and rest assured that you will not use surplus amounts without knowing. The Settings app lets you restrict the maximum amount you intend to use in a monthly cycle. It even allows you to opt for disconnection from the network automatically when you reach your monthly limit. 

Connect to WiFi when possible

Perhaps the easiest way to curb your Android data usage is to connect to WiFi when possible. You must do it when streaming videos or updating apps because these tasks are data-intensive. Disabling automatic updates in the Play Store is a good idea if you want to steer clear of unexpected surprises. But make sure that you update apps when there are updates by connecting to WiFi.

Use streaming services sparingly

If you often use your Android for streaming music and videos, you can expect to go high with usage. While you need not stop watching your favorite YouTube videos, there are smarter ways to do it without pressuring your mobile data. This article explains how to download from youtube android when you are connected to WiFi and store them locally to watch later. A safe YouTube downloader does the trick. YouTube Go also has a data saver mode you can utilize to get more with less.

Use compression in Chrome

Browsing on your device can be another problem if you are looking to lower your monthly mobile bills. Thankfully, Chrome comes with an inbuilt data compression feature to address the concern. The feature compresses and optimizes data before it reaches your device. It lowers consumption and boosts the loading speed of pages, which means you have a dual advantage for your browsing experience. 

Get rid of malware

While you may be paying more attention to apps as data culprits, usage may run high due to malware on your device. Use a reliable malware app to scan your Android for malware regularly. Malicious apps often end up taking bandwidth in the background without even a hint of a problem. Eliminating malware from your device offers the benefit of speeding it up as well. 

Just a little effort can take you a long way in cutting back the monthly data bills for your Android device. You must follow these measures as a habit rather than only a one-time initiative and you will see the difference.

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