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The concept of VIP to any establishment has always denoted a very important person who deserves special treatments above other clients or customers, mostly by virtue of his heavy financial capacity and patronage. Similarly, in land based casinos, a VIP player is regarded as such for his consistently huge wagers at King Casino.

However, contrarily, VIP programs in online casinos have transcended into loyalty schemes that cater for every category of players ranging from high rollers to newcomers alike.

What are Casino VIP Programs?

VIP programs are regarded as casino loyalty programs that reward top spenders of the casino with specific bonuses, free spins, gifts, on the one hand; and also newest customers with special perks and benefits, on the other hand. Additional information to note about Casino VIP Programs are:

v  They offer EXCLUSIVITY – exclusive deals, games, invitations, tournaments and titles.

v  They offer PRIORITY – huge deposits and withdrawals are processed with priority. You enjoy priority customer service.

v  They are TIERED – the more you spend, the more you earn points to increase your VIP level.

v  They offer HUGE BENEFITS – ranging from special VIP events calendar and additional bonuses and offers, to birthday bonuses and gifts, access to special games and withdrawal processing in the same day.

The Gains and Perks of Casino VIP Programs

Although VIP Programs vary from casino to casino, take a look at 10 things you stand to gain by being a member of a Casino VIP program:

  1. Cash back
  2. Priority customer service
  3. Earn points faster
  4. Match bonuses
  5. Free spins
  6. Free rolls
  7. Free or discounted banking
  8. Higher deposit limits
  9. Faster payouts
  10. Free play (no deposit bonus)

How to join Casino VIP Programs?

There are several ways of joining a casino VIP program but subject to the particular casino’s requirements. However, there are 3 common methods which are summarised as follows:

  1.   Some casinos automatically place new players at entry-level VIP, and they move up the ladder by earning points.
  2.   Some casinos require players to deposit a certain amount of money within a specific period of time in order to become eligible to join the program.
  3.   Some casinos admit players into VIP programs based on special invitation. E.g. via mail.

Tips on the workings of Casino VIP Programs

While Casino VIP programs may seem all juicy and harmless, there are certain information you need to know before entry that you will not find on the advert. These include the following tips:

F Some games earn more points than the others. Choose wisely.

F You can turn your VIP points into cash and withdraw it, or spend it at the casino as extra credit.

F You may buy VIP points from the casino or from other players.

F There is always a minimum number of points to be gained before you can progress in VIP levels, or partake in other activities such as converting your points to cash.


Even when armed with enough information and tips to choose a rewarding casino VIP program; in making your choice, ensure that you are well aware of all the terms and conditions to avoid being handicapped in the long run. Equip yourself with the above listed tips and of course, wager wisely!

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