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Business Tactics For Print Businesses To Grow During The Coronavirus



Breaking News: “A billionaire witnessed a fortune swell of $13 Billion in a month!” 

In other news: “A multinational company earned an average of $33 million an hour in the last 3 months!”

During this global Pandemic, it does feel like such news is from the ancient times, doesn’t it? But what if I told you these figures are of an Entrepreneur and its Multinational Company while COVD-19 was disrupting economies and countries? Yup, the Billionaire we are talking about is Jeff Bezos who witnessed a fortune swell of $13 Billion in the month of April, 2020! And the enterprise that earned revenue of $33 million per hour from the month of January 2020 to March 2020 is none other than Amazon!

The Coronavirus Trends:

While the COVID-19 precautionary terms like isolation and social distancing strikes at the heart of the businesses, which is the store front or offline business, people are diverting towards the online platforms! The entertainment business is transitioning towards the OTT platforms, the retailers and restaurants are focusing on Take Away and Home Deliveries and entertainers are performing on balconies and on social media Lives! 

Similarly, The Print Store Owners Are Also Adapting To The Coronavirus Pandemic! For Instance:

  • A high school in Michigan is 3-D printing 400 Face Shields a Day!
  • An Architectural Model printing business in UK is now 3-D printing Ventilators, masks and Valves for healthcare Industry!
  • Many online printers from UK are providing personalised Face Masks to their customers!
  • Print store owners from US are focusing more on Fundraiser Collaterals like Banners, Stickers and Posters! (Source)

Whether you look at the Industrial Revolution 3.0 or Industrial Revolution 4.0, the world has officially entered into the Digital Era and with the business challenges that has emerged due to Coronavirus, the Digital Transformation has become essential for any business to grow and sustain in the Print Business! So, utilizing a quarantine period in setting up your online web-to-print store becomes the only choice to survive this tough time. If you too are into printing business, you can also avert the COVID-19 crisis by adapting to the following business alternatives:

1. Online Print Business With A Website Or A Progressive Web App (PWA):

Initially Printers can opt for a customised website for their business or they can also opt for the recent Technology Innovation Progressive Web Application! To put it simply, PWA is basically a website that can be used by your customers as a Mobile Application! The website can have app like screen logo and splash screen, it can be accessed offline to a certain extent and printers can also send Push notifications with the help of a PWA! So basically, you will have both a website as well as a Mobile Application at the price of one!

Paper Digital printing Advertising Printing press, others ...


2. An Ideal Web2print Software Aka Custom Product Configurator Tool:

Personalised products are high in demand and they are basically the talk of the town! If you too wish to enter the premium segment and make big bucks, it is essential that you integrate a custom web to print software with your ecommerce website to serve your customers with personalised products. Whether you need to provide personalised products to your customers or you wish to customise 3-D Healthcare PPE products, contact a web to print solutions provider that can provide a custom web to print software that aligns with your business needs and the solution tool as custom product configurator software. A custom web to print software not only helps you deliver personalised products, it also makes customer experiences pleasant and thus, helping you gain more satisfied customers. 

Although there are plenty of online product design tool available in the market, the success of your business relies on making the correct choice of the web to print solution that aligns with your customer expectations. Choose a Print Commerce solution that has all the functionalities that you require and if it lacks them, ask the web to print solutions provider to customise the solution as per your business needs.

3. Market Your Products:

What good is an art which is not shared with the world and what good is a platform if its customers are not aware of its existence! If you wish to sell customised PPE kits to healthcare institutes, make sure they are aware that you sell personalised and customised PPE kits and you also provide them a custom Web to Print software access so that they can get their brand centric products! Make sure your target audience thinks of your platform when they wish to get a personalised or designer mask!

To ensure that your Online Print Business has an optimum reach in the virtual world, employ following strategies:

. Social Media Platforms:

With the global encouragements of lockdowns and Work from Home, the interaction and access of Social Media has increased to its peak! If you wish to reach your audience with products that are high-in-demand, Social Media is the quickest and easiest way to communicate! Just use your custom product configurator tool to share your products on the Social Media and have a promotional strategy both organic and paid to reach maximum people.

. Promotions And Digital Marketing:

Get your site optimised for the search engines, run your digital ads on various platforms and applications where you think your audience is present, employ Digital Marketing services to leave no stone unturned during this crisis. The formula to Digital Marketing success is simple, provide quality and personalised products, deliver relevant and informative content, create engaging graphics and offer undeniable promotions! Just sow these seeds in your Online Print Business and you shall reap success!

4. Employ Personalisation:

For those who have journeyed towards the end with us, we have the best advice for you to follow! Personalisation is the hidden key to ensure online success! Whether you are entertaining a visitor on your website or you wish to follow-up on a past customer, personalised customer experiences ensure that you have a high conversion rate! Whether it is about shooting marketing mails or leveraging Web2print software for personalised products, Personalisation is essential and with its growing preference, it will soon become inevitable.

Brush Your Ideas - Brush Ideas will Exhibit at Screen Print India ...

Parting Words:

We understand that the transition is difficult especially when there is a crisis situation, but remember that change is the only constant! To fight this COVID-19 crisis, it is essential for Print Store owners to hop on the bandwagon of the Digital Transformation to ensure that they not only sustain their business, but also grow eventually and gradually as they employ the above mentioned strategies.

About The Author:

Abhishek Agarwal, CMO of Design‘N’Buy, custom web to print solution provider which is also a ready-to-use fully featured B2B & B2C web-to-print software for both start-ups and already established businesses. For varied and unique business needs, He and his understand print vocabulary first and develop highly personalized customer experience by integrating best of multiple web-to-print technologies.



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