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Bill Com Reviews, Rating And Features 2022

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As most of the accounting software of its kind on the market, Bill com is pretty straightforward to use, and it does not require much of a technical user to get it going. Then add your company information and connect your bank account/accounts. Last, it integrates with any of the accounting software to register your transaction automatically. When a business is small, this is often the business owner, but as a business grows, the owner has more important things to do. Bill.com facilitates this process by having standard and custom roles that limit what can be done around a bill thereby streamlining the workflow and protecting the bank accounts.

We help you save time and money by reviewing great software. Receivables – You can view what is owed to you by day, by amount owed, or by the age of receivables. Additionally, you can view which customers owe the most, or are the most past due. Finally, aging reports keep you on top of your collections.

It can be integrated, at an additional cost, with financial software, such as Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle NetSuite, and QuickBooks. Businesses that want to use the Bill.com platform sign up via a monthly subscription. It gets confusing fairly quickly, but first you need to choose whether you want to get paid, pay bills or both. Then, under each scenario there is a choice of two tiers.

bill.com review

All plans include standard approval workflow, unlimited document storage, payment support, and AI-powered data entry. Sync with accounting programs – Bill.com syncs with a number of accounting programs including Intacct, QuickBooks Online and Desktop, NetSuite, and Xero. This means that all transactions entered in Bill.com will be entered automatically in these accounting applications. The syncs also allow you to share information such as vendors, customers, programs, and your chart of accounts without any manual entry. The syncs occur every day or whenever you want via a manual sync so your accounting programs are always up to date.

I get an error message every month when my violin rental payment goes through. It says my card was declined, but my card always goes through. Trying bill.com review to get support for the issue is cryptic as well. Expensify is a US-based software company that offers expense management software for both…

Bill Com Review Conclusion

We also did not find a direct email address, nor a support portal. Overview, Inbox, and Documents make up the first section. The next two sections are divided into Payables and Receivables.

It starts with a great knowledge base and if you can’t get your answer there, they have live chat support that almost always gets issues resolved during the chat. LedgerGurus has been using Bill.com for many years now with countless customers helping them pay thousands of bills. We are a Bill.com partner with many professionals trained, certified, and experienced with their solution.

  • The accounts payable product of Bill.com helps businesses to pay international and domestic vendors as well as 1099 contractors.
  • Scores reflect only data from reviews submitted during this evaluation period.
  • It is equipped with smart features like automatic data entry and duplicate invoice detection that save time and reduce human error.
  • Bill.com also has an accounts receivables module that sends automated invoices and reminders to your customers.
  • Paper checks have persisted as a common way for businesses to receive payments.
  • All invoices and documents are stored on the Bill.com servers, and can be retrieved at any point in time.

Bill.com does not pretend to be a full-blown small business accounting solution. Rather, it goes a step beyond double-entry accounting services in the areas of payables and receivables. Beanworks empowers accounting departments by automating the entire accounts payable workflow from purchase to payment. We code your invoices, route them to your accounting software for approval, and then sync them with your accounting software. This product will manage all due dates, allowing you to avoid late payments and take advantage of discounts.


Bill.com is suitable for slower-growth small businesses with low payment volumes and limited remittances capabilities. The average revenue per customer of Bill.com is $1,500. Therefore, many AP automation capabilities are not available via Bill.com, so you need to manage them manually or outside of Bill.com.

One of the greatest advantages of using Bill.com is that it can significantly reduce the time it takes to pay vendors, whether local or international. On average, customers using the platform have saved 50% of time spent on accounts payable processes which can amount to 36 businesses annually. Moreover, customers reported getting paid two times faster.

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It helps to eliminate the clutter and organize your billing and invoicing processes. Since it helps to keep track of all transactions, it provides an electronic audit trail. Sync to accounting systems – Bill.com syncs to nearly all major accounting systems. From QuickBooks Desktop and Online to Sage Intacct, NetSuite, and Dynamics. The sync is a 2-way street, vendors, accounts, and customers come into Bill.com and bills, payments, and transaction coding go to your accounting system. Bill.com is focused on making sure there is no duplication of data entry.

bill.com review

I’m a software developer myself, and I’m completely shocked that their user interface made it to production. We’re sorry to hear about this https://www.bookstime.com/ and would like to have our team investigate. If you can provide us with your email address we can have them reach out to you directly.

Bill Com Features

The chat is slow and never resolves anything, and email takes a minimum of 24 hours for every response, so trying to resolve something can easily take a week. The support website always returns thousands of results no matter what you search for. I’d gladly push my clients to jump ship for another solution. Bill.com is an accounts payable and receivable solution for mid-to-large-sized businesses, but it’s not a good fit for every business. We offer an excellent opportunity to join an energetic team of technology professionals in the heart of Palo Alto, whose cl…

  • Furthermore, if you utilize the site in conjunction with an accounting app, you’ll most likely make your invoices in the other program.
  • Several user roles are available for administrators, accountants, clerks, approvers, and others.
  • Find her on LinkedIn or follow Lumix on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.
  • Customers can authorize payment for invoices you’ve issued by logging into a password-protected portal.
  • Founded in 2006, this financial services organization is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.
  • It’s impossible to compare Bill.com’s prices with those of similar applications because there are none.

Both products are only included in the Corporate and Enterprise version. Allows for credit and expense management to get credit, control budgets, and manage expenses with Divvy. Bill.com provides a 30-day risk-free trial with no credit card required.

Users enjoy the automated features and ease of payment approval. Some users posting on Capterra noted the preview window could use improvement. Others mentioned syncing issues and limited rule capabilities. PC Mag noted it does not function like a double-entry system, and may therefore appear to be lacking in features. But, the magazine stressed, Bill.com is not trying to do everything that other solutions do.

Bill Com Data Integration With:

Bill.com’s accounts receivable aren’t as complicated as the site’s accounts payable, but they don’t have to be. The tools supplied are adequate for a small firm with simple invoice requirements. Furthermore, if you utilize the site in conjunction with an accounting app, you’ll most likely make your invoices in the other program. Bill.com is ideal for small- and medium-sized businesses that want an end-to-end solution for automating business payments. It can also be used by banks, accounting firms, and wealth management companies for serving their clients. As such, it has become a trusted partner of several of the largest financial institutions in the U.S., including top accounting firms and popular accounting solution providers.

This product is designed to support hundreds of concurrent users. It features an enhanced user interface, robust features, ease-of-use, and extensible… Patriot Accounting is a cloud-based accounting system and payroll system that’s innovative and useful for accountants and small business owners. It allows users to track monetary transactions, invoice customers and print forms. The information is then presented in a simple to digest way revealing how many users had positive and negative experience with Bill.com. With that information at hand you should be ready to make an informed business choice that you won’t regret. Tipalti automates the entire payment process, liberating you to focus on making a strategic impact.

bill.com review

Customers use the Bill.com platform to manage end-to-end financial workflows and to process payments. The Bill.com AI-enabled, financial software platform creates connections between businesses and their suppliers and clients. The company partners with several of the largest U.S. financial institutions, the majority of the top 100 U.S. accounting firms, and popular accounting software providers. Bill.com is headquartered in San Jose, CA. For more information visit The accounts receivable product of Bill.com helps businesses to send electronic invoices to their customers and to track their invoice statements and payments. Invoices are automated and users can select the payment option, including ACH, credit card, and PayPal.

The site goes on to walk you through a similar sequence for sending an invoice, creating a customer record, and so on, though it’s optional. To set up other areas of your account, like Your Company, Payables, Receivables, and Accounting , you simply go to the settings page. Furthermore, ACH payments are an electronic payment method with numerous benefits for companies. It is low cost and allows you to get paid faster, unlike the traditional paper check sent through standard mail. Bill.com makes it faster to organize the entire account payable tasks. Users can scan, email, or fax their contracts or bills and upload them to the cloud. The platform then matches the right contracts and purchase orders with bills, providing one-click access to them wherever and whenever you need them.

Have your vendors email bills directly to Bill.com and they will be paid and stored in the cloud, available anywhere with internet access 24 hours a day. Payments made by Bill.com are also stored under the vendor with the bill. Cleared checks and ACH confirmations are available without giving access to the company’s full bank account. Bill.com also has general storage that can be used for vendor contracts, W9s, and ACH information. You can send electronic invoices to your customers on Bill.com, while also getting access to recurring invoices, unsettled payments and more. FinancesOnline is available for free for all business professionals interested in an efficient way to find top-notch SaaS solutions. We are able to keep our service free of charge thanks to cooperation with some of the vendors, who are willing to pay us for traffic and sales opportunities provided by our website.

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I don’t trust them with my bank account information given how inept they are. Keeps us organized and allows timely and effective bill payments to our vendors. Kathy Yakal has been writing about PC applications since 1983, when she joined the editorial staff of COMPUTE! She began specializing in financial solutions in 1989, writing a newsletter for CPAs who were exploring the use of personal computers in their firms.

Both plans only allow users to manage their accounts payable or receivable, but not both. In order to manage both accounts payable and receivable, users must upgrade to the Corporate plan. This plan offers the same integrations as the Team plan, but users have access to a more robust financial management platform. For a business that needs to both pay bills and receive payments, there is a plan that combines both.

Bill.com integrates with a variety of accounting software, but I will speak to QuickBooks Online as we are experts there. The integration is easy and data flows nicely from one system to another. As such, once working in Bill.com, you can rely on bills, payments, and invoices to sync across without effort. Bill.com will also sync customers, accounts, classes, and other elements that go into payable and receivables. With Bill.com you can receive digital invoices from vendors and ensure rapid approval. Similarly, you can create and issue invoices to your customers and receive settlement through ACH, ePayment, Paypal or credit card. The platform syncs easily with major accounting software like Oracle, Xero, QuickBooks and Sage.

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Finally, when you receive payment you must record that it was paid. Additionally, Bill.com can be set to automatically send out reminder notices for past due payments. Second, you must review the generated invoice and approve it for electronic sending. You are able to customize all invoices to your, or your customers, specific needs. Invoicing software is a billing and accounting software that makes invoice simple by automatically… Meaning they are audited based on a set of industry-controlled criteria regarding security and confidentiality and the integrity of their transaction processing.

Please do not hesitate to provide us with your email address and we will have them reach out to you. We greatly appreciate your feedback Michael and would love the chance to get more information on your experience. Please feel free to provide us with your best email address, we will be happy to have our team investigate and reach out. We would love to gather more information on the feedback that you’ve provided here.

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