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Best Way to Digitize Old Dvds With Winx DVD Ripper

Best Way to Digitize Old Dvds With Winx DVD Ripper

Before this decade, since DVD has been invented, it became an absolute option of recreation and data storage medium for human beings. People have started using DVDs on a regular basis. 

But, there is a disadvantage of using DVDs for data storage as they can be cracked or scratched for any reason. It could occur data loss. So, what to do with old DVDs!? DVD ripping software is the best way to solve this issue. 

DVD ripper software is an application that copies data from DVD to hard disc or pendrive. It also helps you to convert any video data to a file that can be easily accessible from your phone or tablet as well. 

You can get these  DVD ripper  applications  for free. WinX DVD Ripper is considered to be the most reliable free DVD ripping application ever in 2020. It is the best DVD ripper that allows you to digitize old DVDs with an easier backup, editing, sharing and archiving method. It has over 350 profiles. It can back up DVDs to USB/NAS/PLEX or to hard drives. It also allows converting ISO images or DVDs to Mp4, FLV, WMV, MPEG, MOV, MP3 etc. The converted files are eligible to watch from Xbox One S, iPhone, iPad, PS4, Android, HDTV and so on.

Best Way to Digitize Old Dvds With Winx DVD Ripper

It contains an explicit capability of reinforcing 99-title or damaged DVDs including an impressive title checking procedure. This application is capable of swiping up the common errors of DVDs that are incomplete rip, crash halfway or DVD not reading etc. 

Software Features Of Winx DVD Ripper

  • Converting DVD to MP4, AVC, MOV, AVI, H.264, HEVC, MPEG, WMV, etc to store data in USB, cloud, hard drive as per user-orientation. 
  • Digitize and backup all types of DVD discs, incl. old DVD, workout DVDs, TV series DVD, new release DVD, Hollywood DVD, Disney kids DVD, homemade DVD, damaged DVD,etc.
  • Copying old DVD to ISO images, MPEG-2 file or DVD folder in 1:1 ratio.
  • Ripping DVDs to iPhone, iPad, Android, Xbox, and more devices so that they can be played without any DVD player or WiFi at any time, anywhere. 
  • Editing DVD by adding subtitles, merging, cutting, crop videos and adjusting parameters.
  • Removing DVD encryptions by using CSS, bypass common region-code, Sony ARccOS, encryption and new UOP, Disney X-project. 

Powerful highlights Making WinX the Best DVD Ripper

  • It allows converting a full disc to MP4  by using it’s unique Level-3 Hardware Acceleration and multiple core tech systems as short as 5 minutes. It works 47X times faster than any other DVD ripper applications.
  • 1:1 quality workability ratio. It can rip DVD/ISO images to small MP4 H.264 quality without violating the delicacy of the videos. E.g. ripped MP4 H.264 file is 700MB ~1GB instead of 8 GBs for a full movie, 80% space saving. 

Tutorial about how to digitize old DVDs for better storage or playback

  • Step 1: Insert an old DVD disc. 
  • Step 2: Go to the profile window and  check the “output format” option. and Choose output format from the profile window. It is better to select MP4 format for storage, later playback, editing or sharing to almost any device, platform and software.

  • Step 3: Click on the “Run” button to convert the classic DVD.

Additional Tips to Manage Old DVDs:

  • You can try banana peels, peanut butter, toothpaste to bring back the smooth surface of your old scratched DVDs. Or, in case of severe cracked conditions you can go for DVD recovery tools or DVD repair apps. 
  • Lift up the barcode to the webcam to enter the movie details or catalog your old DVD collection via manual input by using DVD barcode scanner or DVD collection software, that will help you to find the specific movie next you need in an easier way. 

Good News: Get free license WinX DVD Ripper

With a free trial of Winx DVD Ripper, users can check how the software works. It runs on both Windows and Mac. If you like it, you can buy a license for additional features and upgrades. 

Also you can enjoy the sweepstake offered which allows you to enter a contest and win brand new Synology NAS and prizes along with receiving a free license key of Winx DVD Ripper.

To enjoy the best service, get Winx DVD Ripper (Mac/Pc) license for free, win Synology NAS and more prizes for using this application repeatedly.

Ending Note

Still, Winx DVD Ripper Platinum is the ultimate one stop solution to all issues related to old DVD storage and organization problems. This particular free DVD Ripper has left behind almost 95% of its rivals according to its utility level. 

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