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Best Free Alternative To Skype In 2017


Skype is one of the first applications that come to mind when it comes to video chat and messaging tools. Even before it was purchased by Microsoft in 2011, Skype succeeded to develop itself a big hit. The application continued to improve ever since.

Skype is really comprehensible. It allows you conduct video chats and sent messages based on text without a cost. However, it is not the only choice out there.

Here, we take a look at some Skype alternatives to prove that there are a lot of options beyond Skype.

  • Viber

This is the best free alternative to Skype since it offers free video calls and text messaging for both mobile and desktop.

Thanks to the fact that it’s available as a desktop, Windows 10, Android, and iOS app, Viber gets off to a fairly great beginning. This means that Viper is a service that has all the foundations covered. One great feature for mobile users is that you could communicate to other users through their mobile number. This integration level means that it very happily sits together with your existing messaging apps and phone so you could take complete advantage of the free assistances whenever you want to call some you know.

Viber provides video and voice calls, and text without a cost. You could use Viber Out to make calls to anyone around the world if you are willing to pay. This feature could be used from the PC. Group chat is a good feature for friends. Also, Viber is an application that is free from ads.

  • WhatsApp

This is probably the well-known and largest messaging application of its time. It is also very unlikely that you have not heard about it. However, it does not mean you have used it simply because you have heard of it. What are you missing out on if you have not? WhatsApp is cross-platform software like most other tools in this article. You do not even have to make an account just to use it. This is because of that fact that it could make use of the number of your phone.

To dispel the fears of people with security alarms, end-to-end encryption is included. It must be enough for every individual, even though the group chat is only limited to only 10 individuals. On the other hand, video calling in not available yet to all platforms, while you could perform voice chats and send media files to and fro between contacts. So, this could be one of the reasons why you should or should not use WhatsApp.

  • Talky

This is somehow different to most messaging platforms since it is a service based on web primarily. There’s an app available for iOS. However, you are going to have to look somewhere else if you are looking for a cross-platform application. You could have a group video chat for up to 15 people. This makes the platform good for friends, family, and most importantly, collaborative working. Also, it’s possible to activate sharing of screen so everybody in the conversation could see what is happening on the display of a certain person.

Making a chat room is really easy. You just go to the official website of Talky, type the URL you would like to utilize, and you are good to go. All you need to do is to share the URL with individuals you want to chat. Rooms could be protected with password if you want to keep it private. However, you cannot deny that Talky has little features. However, there will be times that simple is what we only need.

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