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Beginners Guide To Types Of Horses Bets


Before learning about the most efficient way of betting on horses on horsebetting.com, I had no idea how fun and exhilarating all this is. That is why I am here to share all the essential and practical facts that I came across during all the time when it betted on horse races. In this article, I am going to share all the facts and basics of horse racing bets.


Starting with straight wagers, where you get to place your bet on a single horse and thereafter get your money on the basis of the performance by the horse. The simplest term, to begin with, is WIN where the horse that you chose comes in first and you will thereafter collect the winning amount. 

PLACE: With this type of bet, you win the bet if the horse comes in first or second. The chances of winning such bets are comparatively higher but the payout is lower when compared with the other type of bet. 

SHOW: On hedging your bets even further, there’s SHOW where you get to win when the horse finishes in the top 3. Similarly, as the chances of winning are substantially higher, the payout with the type of bet is significantly lower than WIN and PLACE wagers. 

ACROSS THE BOARD: This is a more expensive strategy that you can go for. With across the board wager, you are basically combining all the different types of bets we discussed above. 

For instance, a simple 5$ bet will cost you 15$ with across the board wager. With this type of bet, your winning chances are significantly higher but considering how expensive these bets are and the less profit potential makes them a poor choice for beginners. 

WIN/PLACE AND PLACE/SHOW: This is quite similar to the across the board wager as you making multiple bets here as well. Here, you can choose the combination according to your skills and confidence as you can either choose WIN/PLACE where you win if your horse comes in first or second, or you can go with PLACE/SHOW that covers the top 3 positions. 


Coming on to more complex wagers where you can bet on multiple horses in a single bet. Winning such bets is much harder but the payout with such bets is much more lucrative than Straight bets. 

EXACTA: In this wager, you are essentially betting on the exact positions i.e. 1st and 2nd position for two horses. This is a popular type of wager among skilled betters and the payout with this wager is quite lucrative making all the risk worth it. Additionally, there is the option to box your bet, where you get the flexibility on the final positions of the horses, however, the price to box your EXACTA is almost double making it really expensive. 

QUINELLA: Fairly similar to EXACTA you have QUINELLA where you place your bets on 2 horses and as they finish with either 1st or 2nd position you win. The only difference between these two bets is the payout, however, considering how you get to increase your chances of winning, this is a perfect wager for beginners that are interested in experimenting with exotic wagers. 

TRIFECTA: TRIFECTA is essentially EXACTA but instead of 2 horses you are placing bets on the exact position of 3 horses. Like all the other bets, you can box this wager, however, the cost to box your bet is nearly 6 times the original bet making it one of the most expensive types of wager. 

SUPERFECTA: In order to hone your skills with all these different bets, SUPERFECTA is a great choice as the minimum bet is generally 10 Cents which is quite low and will not affect your even if you are not successful with your bets.


This is what Straight and exotic wagers are all about. Now that you are familiar with all the different forms of wager, you can choose the form of bet more effectively after analyzing your skills. 


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