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AnyFix: The Tool You Need To Tackle 330+ iOS Issues


We all know how expensive getting your iOS devices can be, and the internet is full of applications that are there just trying to steal your information or are offering poor service for a lot of money. Considering all this, we tried all the popular iOS tools out there claiming to solve the different issues related to iOS in order to find a simple and credible solution for our readers. 

This is where we came across iMobie’s AnyFix, a powerful yet elegant way through which any user can resolve more than 330 issues related to iOS. AnyFix is your one-stop solution for a wide range of iOS problems that iOS users face. AnyFix is compatible with most of the iOS devices, iPad OS, iTunes, and TvOS. In just a few simple click users can resolve those issues on their own without taking any professional help. 


AnyFix is an amazing tool that allows you to fix more than 130 iOS system issues for your iPhone, Apple Tv, and your iPad. Besides that, AnyFix makes sure that you never face any problem with your iTunes account by solving more than 200 errors that are connected to your iTunes account. With no professional and technical skills, anyone can use AnyFix to resolve a wide array of issues while keeping all the data on their devices safe. AnyFix is available for both Windows and Mac users along with a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

AnyFix is a credible and reliable software with a professional and highly experienced team that has helped more than 100,00 users. The 24/7 customer support ensures that you get the required support in a hassle-free manner. 

With the innovative and advanced technology and interface of AnyFix, there are 3 different recovery modes that users get. There is the standard repair mode that can resolve some common issues like battery drain or in case your iPhone is not charging. Additionally, the data on your device is completely safe as you use the Standard Repair Mode.

Secondly, you have the Advanced Repair mode which is an advanced mode to handle problems related to the startup and update of your device. With this, you can easily get your device back on track. Although, you need to get all of your data backed up while using this mode. 

Lastly, there is the Ultimate Repair mode to resolve issue such as your device is stuck in DFU mode or the screen is completely black. With the ultimate repair mode, you can instantly get your device back in a few simple clicks. 

AnyFix: Highlights

System Repair

With AnyFix, users have the power to resolve more than 130 system issues including battery drain or the device is not charging, the iPhone is stuck in headphone mode, your device won’t turn on, etc. With the power to solve all these issues in just a few clicks, there is no need for you to visit any service center and wait for a few days to get your device repaired.

iTunes Repair

Similarly, AnyFix also allows the users to tackle more than 200 iTunes errors, making it really easy for users to backup and recover all of their data without any tedious or complicated steps. Users get to resolve different iTunes errors including iTunes error 9006, 4000, 4013,14, 54, 13014, 5105, etc. with ease. It is also important for the users to learn that because of the restrictions in macOS, users can only fix different sync issues with AnyFix. 

Enter/Exit Recovery Mode

It can be quite difficult for an average user to enter or exit recovery mode as they try to fix their device on their own. However, with AnyFix this process is efficient and ease. With just a simple click users can enter and exit from recover mode on their iOS device. Additionally, there is no risk for data loss and the complete process is safe and secure as well. 

Upgrade/ Downgrade Your iOS

iOS users know that it is just impossible to downgrade their iOS or to get a Beta update without the developer’s account. However, AnyFix is there to make sure that iOS users have the freedom of upgrading and downgrading their iOS whenever they want. You just need to make sure to sign in with your Apple Id in your device. 

Reset Your Device

Lastly, if you locked yourself out of your device or due to some other reason you do not have the access to your device, in such cases with AnyFix you can easily reset your device without entering any passcode. This way you can gain complete access to your device once again. Moreover, the device will be automatically updated to the latest iOS version as well. 

User Guide

It is important that you reset your iOS device before you sell it or hand it over to some friends. And this is where the hard reset feature of AnyFix comes in handy. With a simple 2 step process, users can rest their devices on their own. 

Step 1:

You start by launching the AnyFix application on your computer and thereafter you just need to connect your device with your computer via a USB cable and choose the reset option that is visible on the screen. Here, you can choose between the hard reset feature and the 1-click reset feature according to your requirements. 

Step 2: 

With the Hard Reset feature, you get to erase all the data that is there on your device, which is why it is recommended that you create a backup copy of all that data before you start with the reset. AnyFix will automatically, format your device, and will install the latest iOS version automatically as well.

Step 3: 

In case, the device that you connected is not recognized by AnyFix, you can choose the 1-Click Reset option through which you will be able to choose your device and perform the reset process with ease. Similar to the hard reset process you need to make sure that you create a backup copy of all your data. 


AnyFix with its advanced technology and easy interface is a perfect and credible application that is there for all the iOS users. With powerful options like ForceRepair, Smart Scan, RM-Controller, iUpdate, etc. AnyFix is a complete package and is highly recommended to all the readers. 

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