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All You Need To Know About Ball Transfer Units


Everyone out there in the industrial sector know about the importance of ball transfers. By choosing the right ball transfer unit any business can significantly improve its efficiency when it comes to manufacturing, packaging, and material handling. All this can be easily automated allowing you to handle everything with a simple click. In this article, we are going to take a look at the different application of ball transfer units along with the attributes that each of these ball transfer units offer. 

Ball Transfer Unit

With the help of ball transfer units, you get to efficiently move and transfer assembly parts, packages, and several other material quickly and with ease. Ball transfer units, usually consists of running balls along with plates in order to move different objects on the production line. With their circular shape the conveyoru belts have minimal friction and interfernce making the assembly line more efficient and productive. 

Typically, you will find a large metal ball in Ball transfer units, but depending on your requirements you can also switch to wooden or plastic balls as well. With the support of smaller ball bearing, these Ball transfer units get omni-directional movements. A combination of multiple units is know as a Ball transfer units. 

Size And Users

Depending upon the requirement in your business, you can choose from a wide variety of Ball transfer units that are available in the market. These units can be used individually and can also be used in combination to increase the efficiency of the overall structure. Ball transfer tables are generally used to move differnet objects around in a facility without any source of power. All this make Ball transfer units an affordable and easy to use conveyor system.

This is why Ball transfer units are seen as a great source of saving power as these conveyor belts can move the object according to their momentum along with the help of the external force. Although, there are times when you might to use electricity with such conveyor belts.

We are now going to take a look at some of the best ball transfer units that are available in the market. 

Light Duty Ball Transfer Units

With their ball up orientation light duty Ball transfer Units are generally used for conveyor belts. In order to increase the life of these pressed steel units lubricants are used. Moreover, the Plastic units are non-magentic, corrosion resistant, and are light weight as well, making them perfect for food industries. 

Here some of the most popular choices are LF Series Flange Mounted 2 & 4 Hole that are high profile surface mounted units with fixing flange. Similar you have L series offering Push fit which is a drop-in pressed steel unit. The LD series Saturn type is a Pressed steel flanged units while LP series is an all plastic ball transfer unit. 

Medium Duty Ball Transfer Units

Medium Duty Ball Transfer Units are machined, lubricated for life, and hardened making them useful with heavy loads. With the help of the reinforced steel tops, Medium Duty Ball Transfer Units are capable of wear and tear from misaligned items. Along with that the M and the MG series are also fitted with single drain holes. There are approximately 8 series in this category that buyers can choose from. 

Heavy Duty Ball Transfer Units

For maximum precision Heavy Duty Ball Transfer Units are recommended. With their double recirculation, users maximum precision and performance. Moreover, since these units are machined from solid steel, Heavy Duty Ball Transfer Units offer highest load capacity and the best service life. 

Common Applications

The luggage delivery carousels that you find at airports is the most common example when it comes to ball transfer units. However, besides that there are several other manufacturing and industrial application to it as well. 

Ball Transfer Units are also perfect when it comes to transferring different objects in your work area as these are omni-directional making the whole process more convenient and efficient. 


For anyone out there trying to improve the flow, efficiency, productivity, and other facilities of their workhouse ball transfer tables are an affordable solution. 


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