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A Growing Online Gambling Pandemic

A Growing Online Gambling Pandemic

Whilst we continue to battle the very real coronavirus pandemic across the world, another has started to arise in a different form as many experts are now warning of an online gambling pandemic as many users turn to online casinos and betting sites as their primary form of entertainment over the past few months during lockdown and remote working measures – online casinos have found a huge surge in new players during the initial changes as major sporting events were finding cancellations and postponements but now we’re heading into a period of recovery and most major sporting events are returning, there is also a resurgence in online betting once again too.

Part of the reason for this surge in users can be attributed to the number of operators looking  to register new sites and services to avoid changes in regulation that have occured, the biggest being in the UK as a recent block in online betting and gambling with credit card payments and the extension of the Gamstop initiative aimed at reducing player participation, with new sites popping up receiving praise such as this Mr Sloty casino review, the market will continue to perform very well, and with many operators suggesting that these players will likely be retained once all measures are lifted and a ‘new normal’ is found, there’s certainly potential there.

Another factor to consider has been within the changing audience as gaming as a whole has become a lot more accessible – our mobile devices have allowed the growth of an audience who may not have usually been interested in gaming and the more casual nature of these mobile game genres found in puzzle, arcade, and online gambling mean these newer users can simply click in with one button to the easily intuitive designs, play for as long or as little as they desire and click back out with the tap of a button – no progress is lost, no requirement to play for long periods of time to make up progress – a perfect catalyst for ensuring that as many players can ensure the type of games can flourish and continue to grow during a time where many other industries and sectors are struggling to attract their core user back.

There are many expectations that this trend is likely to continue too – as mentioned major sporting events have or are starting to return as the big names in the US in the NBA, NHL, and MLB have all been set to come back this week with the NFL aiming for September, and similarly in Europe with football having already been played and motorsports such as F1 coming back too – there’s a growing number of opportunities and a demand meeting the requirements, and now with future tech in virtual reality and changes in networking with 5G on the way, mobile gaming as a whole is certainly looking to be the future and there’s no doubt that mobile gambling will remain at the center of this for many.

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