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8 Things You Should Look For In A Cloud Service Provider


As you go from one cloud service provider to the next for the relevant needs of your company, it’s simply not enough to visit their homepages and read the reviews. While looking for the perfect scalable cloud hosting service that can greatly improve the success of your business, choose for compatible cloud service providers, the ones that can give virtualized infrastructure and algorithmic trading online.  A guide would be extremely helpful if you don’t know where to start and that’s what we’ll give you.

  • Pricing

Before purchasing any package that they have, take a look at their pricing plans. If course majority of the cloud providers will state that they have the lowest prices and rates available, but you still won’t be able to avoid immediate payments and long-terms contracts that are part of the requirements. Go for the account that offer flexible pricing and actually lets you increase or decrease services according to your needs over time.

  • Reliability

All in all, how reliable can the cloud service provider be? As for the cloud servers, can they constantly handle data exchange and vigorous bandwidth?  Do some research and verify if the cloud service provider can easily handle the overall hosting environment; this is especially true if your website has enough traffic as it is.

  • Customer-driven

Like in any other service provider out there, it’s quite difficult to work with a cloud provider where you feel that they’re only after profits and sale. Be sure that the cloud provider that you want to work with is customer-driven and offers customer support 24/7. Not only that, but they should be reachable through various forms of communications like email, chat and call. To be extra certain, you might want to do some additional research and compare the customer ratings of a handful of cloud providers.

  • Expertise

Handling something as important as this should go to expert cloud service providers, those that have already established their name in the industry and not to the ones who are only starting out; we’re not saying that they’re not any good but they may lack experience. Professionals know almost every nook and cranny in their respective fields; from addressing special cases to knowing the best software to use. Expert cloud service providers know exactly what enterprise users require and jump on ahead of all their competitors.

  • Financial Stability

You may not have thought to take the financial stability into account, but it’s important in choosing a cloud service provider. Specific factors that you have to look into involve their current position in the stock market as the numbers of years of their experience; a cloud service provider who’s been in business for over 10 years is highly recommended. Search for the latest news and updates regarding the stock prices, financial reports and earnings of the cloud provider of your choices.

  • Transparent

Aside from pricing plans, other factors should also be transparent so take a good look into the managed service agreements, terms of service, data policies, security and other fine prints; no one wants to be with fees that they thought they didn’t sign up for or limitations as to the package they chose. By taking careful measures, you avoid compromising the private information of your clients as well as high possibilities of outage when peak seasons come in.

  • Easy to Manage

A cloud service provider should not be difficult for the IT staff to manage, maintain and control. Overall, it should be simple and efficient, not more trouble than it’s actually worth. Search for a cloud service provider that lets the user see all the service through a single and unified interface.

  • Integration

All those late adopters tend to have reservations when it comes to shifting the entire infrastructure to cloud; the main reason for the hesitation is the wide of use of a premise working environment. But once they see the amazing potential that cloud can add to their business and services, then all the reluctance will disappear. Once you’re convinced, all that’s left is to search for a cloud service provider that can integrate the current network resources into apps and services using the easiest method possible.

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