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8 Best Gadgets For Overall Good Health


As the years roll, one of the undeniable benefits of advancements in modern technology is that it has allowed life to be much more convenient and easy. With that said, modern technology has indeed, paved the way towards a lot of common tasks to be done in a manner which is automated and time efficient. From conventional paper and pen, as well as physical movements, the world has been introduced to gadgets which have helped make these processes automated, and thus faster easier, and time-efficient.

One of the negative attributes with this advancement in technology however is that these gadgets may have caused people to be much lazier and impatient. This laziness has caused people to be more sedentary, wanting to just rely on gadgets to do things instead of physical labor. As the years go by, however, technology and a more active and healthy lifestyle have been slowly reconciled, and this is through the use of gadgets that help to promote good health.

With all of this in mind, what are some of the smart devices you could rely on for better health and fitness? We have some key recommendations for you.

Vessyl Cup

It’s common knowledge that a person’s health is not just determined by what he or she eats, but what they drink as well. With that said, there is a fitness gadget that enables you to know what you’re drinking. The Vessyl Cup is a smart mug which identifies the nutritional facts of the drinks you place inside them, such as the amount of calories, fat, caffeine, protein, all without your help.

In a nutshell, all you need to do to use this device properly is to fill the cup up, and then sync the cup to your smart phone with the app to get the necessary readings. This comes in handy when you do calorie counting, as well as monitoring the amount of added sugar.


No matter how much we may deny, but the reality is that you can’t be able to achieve good health without sufficient, regular exercise. With that said, the Tao is a gadget that would effectively serve as your exercise partner as it tracks your fitness progress. It does so by allowing you to find a perfect workout time, whether or not you’re at home or at the gym.

Apart from exercises, it also effectively monitors meals that you have taken in to make sure that your exercise is not put to vain. It also helps to ensure that you are burning the target amount of calories, as well as making sure that your heart rate is kept healthy.

Cube Sensors

Apart from proper diet and exercise, one of the aspects to health that you have to keep in check is the air that you breathe. This is because polluted air has been found to be the cause for various respiratory ailments. One of the gadgets which enable you to assess the quality of the air in your immediate surroundings is the CubeSensors, which helps you identify the light, air quality, temperature, humidity, shake, as well as the noise and pressure.

This gadget enables you to breathe easy by informing you of the conditions of the air in your surroundings, as well as to take action if found to be unhealthy.


Oral health is also something that’s worth taking notice of. With that said, the Kolibree is the world’s first toothbrush that’s electrically connected. It allows you to know how good you are with your brushing habits by checking how often you brush your teeth on a daily basis. You also are given tips and advise on how to keep your oral health in check, and even determines your missing teeth. To get stubborn kids to brush their teeth, it even has a unique game feature.

Skulpt Aim

If you’re concerned about your muscle mass as well as your body fat, the Skulpt Aim is one of the best ones that could be recommended. This is simply because good health is also characterized in terms of being able to possess the right amount of muscle and fat, which would, consequentially allow you to have a better knowledge on how fit you actually are.

This is an app which is insanely easy to use, and allows you to adjust either your diet or your exercise routine to build muscle mass and to keep your fat levels as healthy as possible.


Good Health is most commonly associated with good food, but what exactly makes good food “good”? TellSpec helps to effectively answer this question. This is a biotechnological app which enables you to determine facts about the ingredients of the meal, and send this information to the smartphone. If you have food allergies, or if you want to know what exactly is in the food you eat, this is the best one for you.


A symptom that usually arises whenever people are not feeling well include fever., which is the relatively heightened temperature of a person. This app facilitates the obtaining of temperature, especially for your kids. The device, when paired with the app allows you to compare the rise and fall of temperature every now and then, as well as an app that enables you to make them feel better somehow, as well as to pass on the information you have received to your physician.


While good health has always been associated with doing certain activities. One of the ways in order for you to make sure that your health is kept in check, however, is to make sure that you are in the best conditions whenever you sleep. This is exactly what the Beddit device does. While you sleep, it monitors your heart rate, movements, breathing, snoring, sleep patterns and the over-all sleeping environment.

The device is capable of transferring data to a mobile device, which is capable of giving you tips for coaching with regards to how to make the most out of your sleep, thus keeping you well-rested, and consequentially, healthier.

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