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7 Technology Trends In 2017 That Small Business Must Follow


Advanced technology aids small businesses in competing with huge companies. Now, businessmen utilize Social Media to highlight their work. Also, smart production equipment has changed tiny sweatshops into single-man production industries that could be managed via mobile applications. Small businesses cannot improve without the keen incorporation of the latest technology trends. That is why we have agreed to share several insights on several of the most valuable tech trends that would shape the marketplace in 2017.

  • Internet of Things Would Boost Manufacturing

The world has been revolutionized by the Internet of Things and it is making it more accurate. The application has caused in the improvement of interconnected smart home tech that regulates their work depending on the external factors. This is simply a portion of the significant change the concept would deliver.

The productive use of IoT would enhance the process of production in small businesses. Small business owners would make the production process more efficient and safer by having this technology. The IoT sensors measure the efficiency of production every day and adjust the work of the production equipment in real time. The full application of IoT would lower the costs of production and make the entire process more effective.

  • Augmented Reality Would Assist Contractors

You have likely heard about Pokemon GO. This is a famous mobile app that utilizes AR to locate monsters and coordinates their movements with the camera on your phone. However, how could this advanced concept enhance the daily production of small businesses?

AR is used already by furniture producers, contractors, and a lot of other professionals. It keeps businessmen and their clients on similar page. With the support of AR, clients could see how particular furniture pieces will fit into their home. Several applications enable them to create precise floor plans and change wall colors and bring them to contractors before they begin the job.

  • Virtual Reality would be the Best Way to Highlight your Offer

Currently, VR technology is reshaping the training simulations and gaming industry. However, it would also aid small businesses to show their offer in a more engaging and interesting way in the future. The VR would aid small businesses to amaze and engage possible buyers, while AR is used mainly for testing and measuring purposes.

  • Big Data Would Enhance Small Business Sales and Marketing

During the last several years, big data has been one of the most famous slogans. It utilizes advanced analytic equipment to analyze, structure, and draw conclusions from the information acquired from social networks, mobile phones, and other similar sources.

  • Advanced Concepts of Shipping Would Lower Costs of Delivery

To overcome geographic restrictions, the business model of eCommerce has assisted small businesses. Now, retail businesses online are formed by the reach of delivery network of the company. These networks would grow drastically in the next few years with the launch of two highly effective delivery models.

  • Mobile Applications Would Make Small Businesses More Accessible

Now, there is an application for everything and the improvement of mobile applications will not slow down in 2017. A growing number of mobile applications would reshape the market and let customers get anything on demand. Huge companies adapt quickly to these styles and almost all huge corporate entities have already their own mobile application. Small businesses would need to finance more money in this sort of accessibility if they like to compete with big companies.

  • Chatbots Would be Utilized for Customer Support

Lately, a lot of small businesses put live chat feature to their sites. Live chat, at the moment, shows one of the best stations for customer support and service. However, small business owners unfortunately are typically not able to answer the questions of customers every time.

Chatbot could be trained to answer the questions of customers and solve several popular problems.

It is never easy to start a business. First-time businessmen could get information easily about different market trends and business processes. Also, they could read experiences of other businessmen and unite with future partners. Knowledge base online gradually grow and business owners need to follow closely the current market and tech trends.

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