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7 Amazing Advancement In Gaming Technology


With the holistic development of science and technology, we have seen a complete revolution in the gaming industry. This is why we are going to see how these modern marvels have been adopted by the sports industry and how they are changing all the dynamics of these sporting events. 

Here is the list of top 10 amazing technology that has been adopted by the gaming community. 

1. Facial and Voice Recognition

The introduction of facial and voice recognition in games completely changed the dynamics of the game. With the help of facial recognition, you now have the option to create an avatar that is just like you. You can add your facial expressions and on top of that, you can also control you in-game character with the help of your facial expressions. 

Similarly, you have a voice recognition system that allows you to control your character with the help of voice commands and improve your gaming skills like that. 

Both of these technologies are also effective when it comes to online casino games as well. With the help of these amazing technologies, players get a seamless gaming experience as they get complete security and access to their accounts. If you are one such casino enthusiast then have a peek here.  

2. Gesture Control 

With the implementation of gesture controls in FPS games, such games are more fun than ever. With these gesture controls, players now have a better and more realistic gaming experience that they have as they play games online. Players can connect with their in-game avatar with the help of 3D cameras and other gadgets and get surreal gaming experience. 

3. Life-like Graphics

Right from pixelated graphics in games to high-definition and life-like graphics we are at a stage where we see amazing graphics in the game that are full of details. With this, there are more and more players that are getting into games and enjoy these amazing graphics combined with really intense soundtracks in the games.

4. High Def-Hardware 

The hardware setup has been completely changed as well. With the help of these high-end gaming consoles, you get a seamless gaming experience that is just unmatched. You now have HD screens and dedicated graphics cards that just makes the games more smooth and fun. 

Besides that, the speed and availability of the internet have also improved significantly. This way players can play and compete with other players online without any internet issues. 

5. VR and AR

VR and AR are yet to be introduced to the public but there are endless possibilities with these amazing technologies when it comes to gaming. With VR you get an amazing gaming experience that is just unmatched. 

AR, on the other hand, will help you in making the best of your surroundings as you play games. For instance, with the help of AR, you can use your kitchen countertop and turn that into an air-hockey table. 

We are yet to see the very best of these technologies but we can expect some great additions to the gaming world once both of these are integrated into it.

6. Wearable Gaming 

Now we have smartwatches, glasses and other wearables that we can use in order to play games. This was first introduced in the fitness industry but over time we have seen how the gaming industry has also showed its interest in wearable tech. One of the biggest examples of this is the popularity of game Pokemon Go. The game in which players get to move around in order to catch more and more pokemon. 

This also leads to the rise of mobile gaming. Gaming is now not just limited to high-end PCs. We now have multiple mobile gaming tournaments as well. Since getting mobile for gaming is more affordable and convenient for gaming more and more players are getting into mobile gaming these days. 

7. Cloud/Online Gaming 

The popularity of Online or cloud gaming is at its peak these days. You get some of the most amazing and versatile games like PUBG and Fortnite that are really popular among the Millenials these days. With the help of online gaming, you get the option of playing with other players around the globe. That way you don’t have to wait for your friends to get online you can play anytime you want. 

Final Verdict 

In conclusion, you can say that the gaming industry has been completely revolutionized over the last decade with the introduction of some of the best and most versatile technologies and gadgets. 


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