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6 Ways To Know That Entrepreneurship Is Definitely Your Path


One of the most common career paths that play in the minds of people is the business and entrepreneurship route. The working principle behind it is relatively simple, where all that people would have to do is to invest in items or services, and then exchange them with cash, do the process again and again, and in the process, earn more cash. The reality however, is that Entrepreneurship goes way beyond that. If you’re fine and doing well with the principle above, then you might want to check on whether you possess the traits below, which could help to tell on whether or not entrepreneurship is definitely your path.

You Take Risks

This is one reality about business. With investments, no matter how sound they seem, would always have a fair share of risks that may be overlooked upon assessment, or you may only notice the moment you already make the investment. Natural-born entrepreneurs are people who don’t mind this, and take calculated risks on a regular basis. Playing safe wouldn’t really allow you to expand in terms of business potential. With that said, natural and logical risk takers would make good business owners.

You take Initiative

One of the realities of Entrepreneurship that it’s all about moving and taking one stride at a time. Natural-born entrepreneurs are not content with just looking at their money getting in and out. They take appropriate action on it. While great ideas are important in a business, they would never fully materialize if people would not take work on it, and concretely plan the steps on how these ideas are going to be implemented. A lot of business have failed due to their owners not taking initiative.

You are Curious

Being an Entrepreneur, while people may be “born with it”, as many people would say, the reality is it would really take initiative to develop. One of the proper means of developing this is through being curious. You try to read success stories of entrepreneurs, you venture out and solicit advice, as well as establish ties with other businessmen who may share common interests, or with whom you could mutually benefit from. You also try and investigate on how certain business schemes work and fail.

You’re “Mr. or Ms. Sunshine”

By Mr. or Ms. Sunshine, you are a positivistic person. With that said, it would be extremely difficult for business to grow and prosper if the owners are all apprehensions and other negative thoughts. An entrepreneur is not supposed to be deterred by the trials that may come their way, no matter how great or small this can be. You are also expected to set the energy in the crowd by appearing confident to them. In this manner, you are able to establish beneficial ties much quicker and easier.

You are a Person in Authority

One of the attributes of an entrepreneur would have to be the fact that they are respected. Being a person in authority simply means that you are able to lead people, and that people believe in the things that you say. Moreover, being an entrepreneur would entail being in charge, as well as dealing with people. Entrepreneurs are people-persons, in a sense that they don’t confine themselves within their own shell, which could turn out to be destructive in the long run. The reality is that you can’t do things in the realm of business and entrepreneurship on your own.

You are a rebel

By rebel, we don’t really mean someone who doesn’t listen to authorities. You may be someone who just doesn’t find himself “fitting in”. A lot of entrepreneurs live an unconventional life, doing a lot of rebel-ish things, and not necessarily getting the best grades. Unbeknownst to people, a lot the values and life lessons are learned beyond the 4 walls of the classroom, which is something that these entrepreneurs, back in the days may have pretty much experienced. In the pursuit of life which is slightly different, they are able to grow and if these experiences are used the right way, they become better people.


There really is no uniform, single formula for success. With that said, there are several means in order for you to actually become the entrepreneur you have long dreamed of becoming. Also, note that not all the times to entrepreneurs possess these characteristics. As personalities of people vary greatly, depending on various factors. At the end of the day, it would always be your dedication that would count. If you put your mind into being an entrepreneur, you would definitely become one before you even know it.

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