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6 Methods To Improve Your Old Vehicle With New Technology


It is possible that in the future, we would recall the times when we actually have to run our own vehicle. Today, self-driving cars are coming, and it is fast. Since 2009, Google has now logged around 2.2 million miles, testing complete self-driving cars on public highways.

The autonomous feature is simply one of the innovations that make a car more desirable. However, what if you are still not ready to buy a new one?

You do not have to feel left out. There are ways to upgrade your car without purchasing a brand-new one.

  • Hum

Hum by Verizon lets you link your vehicle to your mobile phone. You could summon help with a push of a button, decode engine lights, and set boundary and speed alerts. It is a simple way to have a smarter, safer, and more connected vehicle.

Here are some features included with the app:

  • Detailed reports – This would help you supervise your driving patterns and fuel usage to get additional distance out of your vehicle. Regular diagnostics would help avoid major problems to save you cash.
  • Push notifications – This alerts you if your vehicle surpasses a particular speed or drives beyond of your modified boundary area. You would always have an eye on the driver. Also, you could quickly locate your vehicle from the application to track the movements, or to just remember where you parked.
  • Mechanics Hotline – you would get advice from expert mechanics.
  • Vehicle diagnostics – This lets you identify little issues before they turn into big ones or decode engine lights.
  • Roadside Assistance – If the app detects a car crash, help could be automatically sent.
  • Dash Cam

A good dash cam is important for every driver in our society today. It performs as your witness that does not blink and is always at your side all the time.

Most dash cams are reliable and easy to use. Oftentimes, it includes a Wi-Fi, GPS, and driver warnings to help avoid accidents.

Here are some features included in a dash cam:

  • It captures the whole road with a wide-angle lens. It also includes GPS for detailed date and time as well as location information. This pinpoints exactly when and where events happened.
  • 32 GB memory card
  • Forward Collision Warning Alerts an approaching collision.
  • Lane Departure Warning System inspires safer driving.
  • Heated Seat

Oftentimes, newer cars come with a heated seat selection for those cold winter days. You do not have to spend money for a new vehicle to experience this one.

A heated seat cushion would keep you warm and nice. The velour that is super soft offers ultimate warmth and comfort.

You just need to plug the cord to the outlet of the car and you are good to enjoy the relaxing heat. It is portable and light, which makes it easy to transfer from one vehicle to another.

Here are some features included in a heated seat cushion:

  • Simple to swap/install through a clasp and strap system.
  • Gets power from the car’s 12 V DC or cigarette outlet through a power cord and adapter
  • 5 inches thick for lumbar support.
  • Off/Low/High temperature settings.
  • Optimum heating temp of around 114 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Parking Sensor

Few of the new cars come with built-in sensors and cameras to help you park and prevent crashing into other things. Currently, there’s a tool for your old vehicle to help you prevent those little scrapes and bumps.

The Parking Sensor is created to take the deduction out of parking your vehicle in constricted carports or garage spaces. It features ultrasonic, adjustable range-finding tech to precisely locate your vehicle within your wanted parking limitations. You could see the parking distance anywhere around 6 inches and 6 feet.

Here are some features included in a parking sensor:

  • Easy to install
  • Red, Yellow, Green light indicators
  • Easy Parking distance options
  • Wireless
  • Hands-free Bluetooth Car Kit

In all new cars, the capability of making hands-free phone calls is fairly much ordinary. It is a necessary safety feature that anyone must have.

Well, the good news is that you do not have to purchase a new vehicle to take benefit of this amazing feature. There is a lot of solar hands-free Bluetooth car kit that performs as a speakerphone with voice broadcast called name.

Here are the features included in a hands-free Bluetooth car kit:

  • Standby time: around 400 hours
  • Battery life: around 8 hours non-stop talking
  • Charge time: 18 hours (solar) or 3 hours (USB cable)
  • Could hold up around 1,000 contacts
  • Easy pairing and operation
  • Portable Wireless Camera System

This is a simple to use camera that performs as another set of eyes when you require it. The night vision camera lets you drive in total darkness.

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