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6 Best Productivity Apps To Help You Organize And De-Clutter Your Life


Productivity is something that is greatly valued, whichever workplace it may be.  Having said that, companies often equate productivity, or the amount of work input being done by any employee with effectiveness and efficiency of that particular employee. A lot of the advancements in modern technology have greatly helped people to be more productive in nature, where a lot of the things that are done either manually or with separate, bulky machines could now be done through digital means, and in devices that easily fit in the palm of anyone. One of the major manifestations of this is Productivity Apps, which is basically the umbrella term for apps that are designed to help with pertinent business matters. There are literally hundreds, if not, thousands of apps that could be labelled as such. We have scoured the web, and here are the 6 best productivity apps you could use for Organizing and De-Cluttering your life.

Pen and Paper

Some people simply feel that they are more productive if they write things down. The dilemma that they keep on facing however, is whether or not to bring with them notebooks and pens along, given that it may cause extra bulk and could be a hassle to carry around. With the Pen and Paper app, they are able to prevent themselves from dealing with that dilemma, as you could not scribble, doodle, and make important notes through your tablet or your smartphone. What’s even greater is that you could use either your stylus or your bare hands. Adding text boxes, making diagrams, as well as making your text bigger or smaller could also be easily done through this app. To put the icing on the cake, it is also compatible with Dropbox, allowing you to both annotate and import PDF files and other formats. This app is available for both iOS and Android users.


To those whose work is in the online realm, specifically on Social Media, such is the case for Social Media Managers and Web Designers, the buffer app definitely comes in handy. With its extra user-friendly platform, you are able to quickly schedule your posts on sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. The app works through linking the accounts for your company to a single email. If you are to make use of just one social media profile, then it’s free. For more profiles or team members, you would have to pay for a minimum monthly prescription. Either way, this makes you a more productive individual as you need not worry about logging in and posting every now and then. Your time is more easily divided between coming up with catchy content and posting them at the right time. Apart from being available for Android and iOS users, it could also be used online.

Drop Task

If you work in a company that requires you to come up with projects in groups, and if you’re doing leadership and/or managerial tasks, then DropTask is a great free app for you to make use of. Available for both iOS and Android powered Smartphones, the app primarily makes use of a workflow board that’s customizable. With this board, you are able to easily check up on who’s doing what. This works well for as many as 5 workmates per task. It also syncs for various devices, and is cloud-based in nature. The app helps to cut down confusion, and makes the workplace seem a lot hectic than it may be for others. To make this app an even greater one, you could get it for absolutely zero charge.


One of the most important aspects in any business or company is most definitely finance. With that said, a lot of companies, to ease with this burden, hire an accountant or financial manager to deal with all this. If you run a business on your own, and if it is not too large scale, then you might as well would opt to do all the financial transactions on your won. One of the apps to help you with that is Harvest. Through this app, you are able to manage your finances as it allows you to send invoices to your clients, as well as monitor their status, on whether they have already been paid, added, viewed, etc. It primarily deals with time and expense sheets. It is a free app, but if you wish to expand the number of transactions you could do, then you could opt to have a paid subscription.


Just like finance, communication is also an equally important aspect in any business. Keeping communication in check ultimately allows a company to grow and thrive, as this is the primary means through which important ideas for growth and progress are communicated and executed. With that said, you would definitely need an app that would help to ensure that communication is made as seamless and smooth as possible. The perfect app for this would most definitely be Bria. This is a communication app that is business-grade, and is compatible for both Android and iOS. It does its job through making an SIP-based softphone client with either cellular data or Wi-Fi. It makes use of your contact list, and has an intuitive interface which allows you to manage calls, either through merging, splitting, or swapping. You could also do transfers, whether unattended or attended. Apart from making transactions easier for you, security is also boosted, thanks to the built-in audio encryption.


All work and no play makes John a dull boy, the old saying goes. While productivity is being highly valued, one of the things that people also value dearly is rest and recreation, wherein a sufficient amount of it would also help support your productivity as well. One of the most popular forms of recreation known to man is reading and watching videos online. With Pocket, you are given the opportunity to save things like articles, e-books, videos, and the like for faster access once you would want to relax and make use of them after a hard day’s work. No need to visit websites and waste time looking for things to use. Lastly, you could make use of this without having to worry about storage, as the storage it offers is unlimited. The app is both for iOS and Android, and is a free app as well.


As previously mentioned, productivity is something that is greatly valued in the society nowadays, not only in workplaces, but in life as well. Having said that, modern technology should be treated as something that would help you become a more productive individual, and not as something that could somehow get in the way with your productivity. The apps that are mentioned above are perfect for different aspects of the workplace, such as Finance, Personnel and Task Management, Communications, Social Media Platform Management, and of course, for recreation after a long productive day. These apps don’t really consume that much space and we highly recommend that you install all of these. While some may come at a minimal cost, purchasing of productivity apps like these could be considered an investment which could quickly be realized.

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