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5 Ways How IOT Will Completely Change Our Lives


The speed at which technology has evolved over the last three decades is mind-boggling. The Internet of Things (IoT) has not only changed our world but simplified the way we do things. The future of internet-connected devices that we use to communicate with other people will impact our lives in diverse ways. The IoT will transform our working culture, help us be more productive with time, resources and help to drive innovation and growth.

And if you are yet to grasp the effect of IoT in our lives, here are things you need to observe.

Smart homes

The Internet of Things has turned ordinary households into smart homes. Every homeowner embracing technology will no doubt agree how technological advancement has transformed their lives in various ways.

The IoT is allowing homeowners to have their life simplified by controlling items from one center. For instance, a smart home control panel is designed and placed in a strategic place whereby all smart home devices are integrated into one app. Through this device, homeowners can easily control and monitor their home’s lights, locks, temperature, and other items.

If you are using web services, it is vital to use authentication, firewalls, tunneling, and encryption through VPN to avoid security issues.  

Cheaper, more optimized manufacturing

Through the use of the Internet of Things, you can create effective 3D printing projects. And in the future, you’ll see new products produced through IoT, and 3D printing will become a popular prototyping option and modeling. The ability to create and test a single IoT device within one day using an additive manufacturing system permits designers to build a prototype and assess its performance speedily. Internet of Things gadgets can be 3D printed 90 percent faster than a traditionally manufactured gadget. The revision of designs can get formulated quickly and executed as necessary.

Cloud manufacturing is the new paradigm and a perfect example that realizes the smart factory by utilizing full use of cutting-edge manufacturing and technological models. When you use cloud computing support, virtualization, IoT, and cloud manufacturing, service-oriented techniques turn the SMOs into services that could be operated and managed in a unified and intelligent manner to achieve the comprehensive sharing of manufacturing services over the internet.

Through IoT, wearable devices can easily collect data from sensors embedded in wearable devices attached to the body.  The devices help to monitor calorie, human posture, and heart rate by simply wearing the device on your body.

It is possible to use GPS trackers by connecting them to the onboard diagnostic socket, which allows the fleet manager to monitor the vehicle’s location in real-time. The device is designed as a plug & play; therefore, it can be installed immediately and run within a minute.

Data Analytics & Processing

The Internet of Things has helped many industries collect data with ease. For example, e-commerce companies can use specialized software that analyzes client purchases through a website or an app to create an in-depth portfolio of their consumer base and accurately predict its behavior.

On the other hand, IoT has been instrumental in data processing, and areas that have been impacted through its use are:

  • Consumer product usage analysis for marketing
  • Video analytics for surveillance and safety
  • Sensors and cameras enable connected events
  • Serving consumers and business users with the same analytics

You can see IoT has utility across various industries such as consumer goods, rutile, manufacturing, social media, event management, energy conservation, and health care. It is up to you to embed intelligence in two gadgets and utilize them to gather data to make life easier, achieve growth and transform businesses.

Improved productivity

IoT continues to simplify how we work and connect. For instance, it is possible to use smart room management with Google Calendar and easily automate procedures by interconnecting your devices with the Google calendar room management tool. You forget about manual unlocking and locking meeting rooms. If you utilize Google Calendar with smart locks, it allows you to automate room access control.

The Internet of Things is enhancing remote work, which is increasingly becoming popular due to the million benefits it brings. The use of connected devices has created a significant impact, especially on how and where we work. 

Health Revolution

These days’ wearable devices and IoT are a topic that will not end soon. Wearable devices are now tied to every discussion touching the Internet of Things, especially the benefits it will bring to people’s lives.

Today, you’ll see health and fitness wearable devices designed with biometric measurements for perspiration levels, oxygen levels in the bloodstream, and heart rate. Through IoT fertility tracking wearable device is growing fast, but of course for good reason. The devices quantify and track ovulation for a couple trying to get pregnant later in life.

For instance, women can track their ovulation cycle by reading their basal body temperature (BBT), indicating fertility through the month. The data can, in turn, get viewed through a smartphone app and guide users when they are probable to speed up chances of getting pregnant.


The IoT will continue to have a massive impact on people’s lives in diverse ways. In the next one or two decades, the usage of IoT and improvement in every industry will be on another level. Have you felt its impact yet? Whether you have or not, the Internet of Things is coming for us.

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