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5 Tips for Starting a Mobile Clinic This Summer


From dehydration in the summer heat to accidents and sudden sickness—various medical incidents can occur at any outdoor event. That’s why most event organizers invite providers to set up mobile clinics at their carnivals, festivals, or live music concerts. Medical staff present on these fun sites can provide quick treatment and save lives in many emergency scenarios. If you’re looking to roll out a mobile clinic to any summer outdoor event this year, there are few ways to prepare and configure your remote unit to run efficiently.  

  1. Figure out the Purpose

It’s important to set up your mobile facility with a purpose while keeping in mind the basic medical considerations applicable to festivals. This way, you can properly configure your health equipment and prepare your team for the objectives you identified. If you’re sending out primary care physicians, you want to equip them with the right diagnostic tools and medicines to provide the best possible care onsite. 

There might be different issues to consider if you’re rolling out a mobile vaccination clinic. Regardless of your medical objective, come up with a plan to handle any potential emergency at the event. Adverse reactions from immunization are some of the emergencies to prepare for if you plan to offer these shots at any summer outdoor event.

  1. Space and Energy Consideration

Your mobile unit should be large enough to carry all the necessary medical equipment. For example, if you plan to treat dislocations from falls or other accidents, you need enough space for imaging technology like x-ray equipment. Remember, medical instruments can be energy-intensive, including digital diagnostic devices. So, keep this in mind when working out your remote power requirements. 

Most festival and event locations have electricity, so it’s usually possible to tap into their source and power up your mobile unit. It’s still a good idea to bring a backup generator to these sites. Most of the equipment you’re operating depends on a continuous power supply. 

  1. Implement Technologies

At a festival, your team of nurses and doctors will need to effectively communicate and coordinate patient care with their colleagues at your static healthcare facility. The right technology can help streamline workflows for your remote medical staff, including health data entry and retrieval. Consider adopting electronic medical record software like NextGen EMR to make mobile healthcare administration a lot easier at any summer outdoor event. 

EMR software enables providers to electronically store and track patients’ health data, including their treatments and lab results. Access to accurate patient records helps to minimize diagnosis errors and provide appropriate treatment plans. With a cloud-based EMR platform, the doctors and nurses running your mobile clinic can quickly capture and retrieve patient medical records and efficiently collaborate on patient care with their counterparts. 

  1. Train Staff

Working out of a mobile unit differs from a static facility in many ways, which is why you should train your staff for their new assignment. The mobile nurses, doctors, and other medical staff will be operating in a new setting and layout, requiring formal orientation to be better organized. You also need them to provide the best care possible with fairly limited resources on hand. Training is an important step to empowering the team to run their new medical office smoothly.

Introduce them to procedures and workflows that are unique to remote healthcare provision to improve practice efficiency and patient outcomes. Ensure everyone is comfortable with the medical equipment. This includes any new digital portable gadgets you’re incorporating into their mobile assignment.   

  1. Look Up Regulations

There are special regulations that all mobile clinic operators should follow. These rules vary by state and medical specialty, so it’s important that you research and understand relevant local restrictions before venturing into mobile health care. You want to avoid trouble with the law for offering medical services outside of your state’s permitted range. If your team needs authorization to offer treatment at a public or community event, be sure to get it in time.

Establishing Mobile Clinics

Mobile clinics at festivals or other summer outdoor events can provide quick medical help to tourists, fans, guests, or revelers that fall ill or get injured. If you’re considering starting a mobile healthcare facility, you need to properly set up your team and equipment for greater success and impact on the holidaying families and individuals who will be counting on you. Bring the right digital tools for better remote collaboration and efficient medical record organization. Be sure to train your staff and comply with applicable healthcare regulations.

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