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5 Technologies Transforming Modern Warehouses & Commerce


Technology is never stopping, and in the modern warehouse, your organization must be using the latest technologies to operate. 

Not only to ensure you are maximizing the space and utilizing the best equipment to get the work done, but also to maintain safety within the warehouse as well. So, which technologies are changing how warehouses operate?

RFID Tracking

Believe it or not, those little handheld barcode scanners made a world of difference in the warehouse. Long gone are the days where employees are counting from 1 to 10000 at the end of the year, to determine what’s in stock and what needs to be ordered. 

Tags attached to inventory automatically update in real-time. Therefore, if something is running low or is out of stock, management knows about it right away. GPS and other scanning technologies are further improving how tracking takes place in warehouses as well.

There’s no longer a lag between when you run out of an item and when it’s back in stock. With real-time tracking, when things are getting low, they’re automatically reordered to avoid loss of inventory and sales.


No, not traditional forklifts, but driverless forklifts. These machines can

  • Pick up inventory from a location
  • Drop it off at a location
  • Move to the next location en route

All without the assistance of a human driver. This helps free up space and allows humans to be utilized in more efficient ways, as opposed to driving and backing up a forklift. Many driverless forklifts can even raise/lower items out from shelves, to deliver to a customer or another location in the warehouse if necessary.


Operating systems are laid out in a matrix-like setting to accommodate a growing mix of new technologies. Bandwidth for drones, RFID, GPS tracking, and other technologies are in place within the most modern warehouses. 

Logistics managers can make more informed decisions with this technology in place. They always know what’s operating, what isn’t, what needs repair, or where additional manpower or equipment is necessary

There’s no more guesswork or running from one side to the other of a 5,000-foot warehouse, to get the answers needed in order to complete a task.

Picking Tech

Multilingual, voice augmented robots are capable of picking up skillsets faster than any human technology. 

From teaching robots how to track inventory, to teaching them specialized operations that are completed within the warehouse, picking technologies to help pick up the speed at which transactions are completed. 

When work is done faster, it helps eliminate waste. Furthermore, with picking tech, warehouses can streamline operations and automate specific tasks. So, instead of doing specific tasks during the busy workday, it can be automated to be completed at night. 

Using the right tech not only helps improve the way in which work is handled, but it also helps improve the speed (and the safety) at which work is completed in the warehouse as well, to ensure the resources available are being maximized to their full extent.

Tracking Technology

Not only drones, but high lift technologies and equipment can be used to rack, and to bring down inventory where it is needed. 

These machines and technologies are capable of going far higher than any lift or stair and are far safer than having a human climb 200 feet (plus) into the air, in order to bring down a heavy piece of equipment or item in inventory that is needed. 

With robotic picking devices and electronic tracking systems in place, warehouses operate quickly and efficiently.

There are many great technologies that are still in development as well, and many are bound to move forward into 2020 and into the future. 

Organizations that don’t adapt are going to find it harder to keep up and to maintain their operations within competitive industries, especially against organizations that are embracing these technologies and advancements.

Our team of professionals can help streamline your business with JD Edwards Managed Services to transform the way in which your warehouse is operating and improve commerce solutions for your business. 

Contact us today to learn about new technologies, our processes, and how we can custom tailor a program that is suited for your business, to ensure the highest returns and maximize safety within your warehouses.

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Chris is a freelance copywriter in Orlando, FL. He works with companies around the world and enjoys writing about technology and business processes.

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