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5 Surprising Skills That You Can Pick From Gaming


Almost everyone has played a certain video game or mobile game, especially when we have nothing else to do at home. Once or twice, you may have heard of the phrase ‘why are you wasting your time with gaming when you never learn anything from it?’ Well, it’s not entirely true, gaming has taught us numerous skills and we might not even take notice of it.

  • Organization

Learning how to properly organize is crucial is many aspects of our lives; when your work is organized then everything go smoothly and if your home is organized as well then it will offer better hygiene. Games like Tetris and Organizations are some of the classic games that discretely taught us this skill. For those that don’t really feel like playing these puzzle games, majority of games available today will still involve organization. Resident Evil 4 for example, you have to organize missions, fight demons as well as organize all the items you need for your mission.

  • Timing

As the saying goes ‘timing is everything’ and games like Super Mario Brothers can testify to this. No matter how good you are at something, if the timing is all wrong then it will mean nothing. Sure, the timing you need in gaming is small compared to what you need in real life, but it’s your stepping stone in developing the perfect timing. The Prince of Persia game is another great example, you spend most of your time sprinting in order to pass dangerous obstacles and even backing up when avoiding immediate danger. So how does timing apply in everyday life? If you live in a busy area and always cross the street then you need to pay attention to the stoplights. As time goes on, you’d notice a pattern and know just when to start crossing the street; crossing the street and only getting halfway when stoplights turn can be incredibly confusing.

  • Managing Resources

Learning how to properly manage the resources that you have is crucial in the gaming world as well as in real life; in gaming it adds to the challenge, plus you can’t really get unlimited resources unless you cheat. Resource management is requires in almost every game genre out there; ammunition reserves in first person shooting, inventory items in role playing games as well as building and finding items at real time strategy games. RPG on the other hand would have you spending most of your time shopping and organizing the menus, it’s even more frustrating if you want every little item to match the outfit. In the end, you’ll always run out of one thing and leave other items untouched. The key would be to know which item should be saved up for emergency, the items that rank high on your inventory list and when to use the rare ones.

  • Interior Design

Not really the first skill that comes to mind when talking about gaming, but you can pick up some serious interior design skills with games that let you choosing and decorate a room or a city. Of course there are games available out there that revolve around designing your home or area. Games like the Sims or the Sim City lets you design your home as well as the appearance of your character. Some of us have even spent hours solely on the appearance of the character. You get a clear picture and see of every item, color and accessory works out.

  • Basic Morality

Aside from gaming, there are tons of other places to get an idea of morality; home, parents, school, church, movies, books and more. Almost all of the RPG game available in the market features storylines and characters on the good guy’s side; you strive to do missions for other people and for the common good. Players get a good idea to the storyline, who should win, the cause of the good guys and a deeper understanding of the other characters that they meet along the way. The more mature players out there likely complain that the win should go to the bad guys and that they want to experience the alternative storyline, but good will still prevail.

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