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5 Predictions For IOT In 2017


The IOT, or the Internet of Things is touted as a great way to facilitate collection and exchanging of data among industries. This is because it’s an inter-networking among vehicles, physical devices, buildings, among others which are embedded with materials that enable exchange or collection of data among these things. The embedded items may range from software, electronics, actuators, network connectivity, among others.

WIthout a doubt, this has become a huge phenomenon in various industries, with a recent survey saying as much as 85% of these companies amass revenue from these IoT solution. With that said, what are the trends we may see this year? Here are some of our bold IOT predictions.

Data Analysis Gets the Focus

One of the changes that we have seen in terms of behaviour among business is the desire for them to easily connect across various devices, wanting the ones they use to be “smart”, going beyond mere data collection, but also having the ability to analyze things as well.

One of the testaments to this is the IBM Watson Analytics and Microsoft Stream that is poised to take a lead role for IoT solutions, where data that’s collected gets analyzed in real-time for optimal functionality and intelligence of the business. Under this focus, gone would be the days when collection and analysis were separate phases in an industry. This is touted to save both time and money among business owners, especially those which make extensive use of data analysis in their operations.

More “Smart” Cities

One of the most practical applications for IOT would have to be in cities, where it is predicted that these, in general would be much smarter than they actually are. With that said, in the US alone, they would be investing in programs for smart city technologies to pave way for services for new mobility.

The government is keen on the funding, where investments of $65 million for this technology would be implemented. With that said, there would be a lot of innovations in terms of various city events, from determining traffic congestion, introduction of mobility services, as well as systems for energy efficiency among cities. Progress for this, however, would be gradual in nature, with innovations to begin in terms of small trials to full-scale, smart city ones.

Telecommunication Companies to put more Emphasis on IOT

Telecommunications is where a lot of IOT advances could be expected to be observed. As a matter of fact, telecommunications company Verizon has made giant investments for ThingSpace, its very own IOT platform, as evidenced by the fleet and mobile acquisition of more than $2 billion, plus an acquiring smart LED providers.

Other telecommunication companies are also expected to follow this, as this would allow IOTs to make businesses much faster, primarily through acquisitions of various elements. Predictably, communication platforms would be made much sturdier, and we may be introduced to other, more modern and convenient methods and platforms of communication.

Increase of Security Breaches

Desspite the fact that it is something that’s not really desired, one of the aspects associated with IOT is questions regarding its security. With that said, Hackers may end up overwhelming certain DNS servers for sites, such as Netflix and Twitter. These attacks have indeed, shed light on the risks associated with security of these networks, as well as their vulnerability. Several devices may be connected to the IOT industry and could face several scares.

With this, it could be feared that IoT attacks would turn out to be a regular occurence, as well as increase in steps to ensure IOT security.

Increase of IOT Adoption and Understanding

This is the last, yet most obvious forecast with regards to the future of the IOT. People back then have been met with confusion regarding how this may be used in various industries, but with more research as well as acquisitions in this field, it is expected that more business plans would be integrated with this technology.

IOT software and hardware sales are expected to see a surge, as well as inquiries and job openings for sales, installation, maintenance, network designing and infrastructure, and the like.

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