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5 Examples Of Artificial Intelligence That You Use In Everyday Life


Artificial intelligence, the term may seem too science fiction-like that the robot and alien movies come first to mind. But you’d be surprised that you’re actually using a number of them in daily life. Artificial intelligence presents a huge impact in your life regardless if you’re aware or otherwise. Its influence will only broaden in the years to come. If you don’t believe us, here are some common examples of artificial intelligence we’re sure you use.

  • Virtual Personal Assistants

On various platforms, Siri, Cortana and Google Now are the common intelligent digital personal assistants. Whenever we need certain information, all we have to do is give out a voice command like ‘Where’s the closest pizza parlor?’ or ‘call mom’ and ‘remind be about my meeting at one o’clock.’ Your virtual personal assistant will then search for the information, do the command and send commands to relevant apps. These apps centers around artificial intelligence because they’re the ones that collect information and use what they collect in order to better serve the users. As stated by Microsoft, their Cortana it has the ability to ‘continually learn about its user’, eventually it can anticipate just what the user needs.

  • Purchase Prediction

Established retailers like Amazon and Target all make use of purchase prediction; they tend to make higher sales if they’re able to anticipate just what their client needs. The anticipatory shipping project featured at Amazon strives to suggest products to clients before the products are actually needed; hopefully, you’ll say good bye to stressful last minute shopping sessions. Though the technology itself is still not in place, other retailers use similar ideas through coupons; the coupons you receive at stores have already gone through predictive algorithm, so more likely than not, you’ll end up using them.

  • Video Games

Video games are the kind of artificial intelligence that most people can relate to and they have been around of a long period of time. Alongside the games themselves, they artificial intelligence used has also increased and improved through the years. Some of the video games available today contain characters that learn from the player’s behavior, respond efficiently and react in surprising ways. A great example would be the first-person shooters like Call of Duty and Far Cry. It’s amazing how the artificial intelligence in the game programs the enemies to analyze the surroundings and search for objects that help them survive.

  • Security Surveillance

Remember those old fashion surveillance systems where one person watches over multiple video cameras? Well, that’s not the most effective kind of security surveillance out there; people tend to get easily bored and keep track of numerous screens at once can be tricky even on a good day. An easier way would be to train computers to monitor the cameras instead. Through specific training exercises, your security algorithms can grab certain inputs from security camera footage and decide if there are actual threats. Once the artificial intelligence detects a warning sign, it will immediately notify the security officers.

  • Smart Home Devices

Tons of smart home devices have now included systems that can read the behavior patterns of the user and actually help the said user save money in many ways; the most obvious would be the automatic adjustment of the thermostat and other appliances in order to conserve energy. Lighting can also make use of artificial intelligence by setting preferences and defaults. Lights located inside and outside your home can be adjusted based on where the people are and what they’re doing; dim lights for watching movies, a brighter setting for cooking and a middle options when eating.

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